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Certified Nutrition and Fitness Consultant 

Exercise Science Specialist

Diploma in Nutrition and Fitness

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Vishwanath Balekai
10 Jun 2023

I took only 12 weeks package, Ratnakar helped me lot to better understand what is the healthy life style all about.

Priya Khanna
06 Jun 2023

A coach is someone that sees beyond your limits.... after stucking with busy schedule I am again on track with full energy and enthusiasm is only cos you never lost trust in me. Thank you Ratnakar ji to push me to the limits to remind me what I wanted and what I can achieve... thank you for being patient with me and for understanding the challenges I faced during the journey this is just a starting we have long way to go together. I won't let you down. Salute to you.

02 Jun 2023

Thank you Ratnakar sir for pushing me to be consistent and always helping me with the right choices. I have enrolled under him for 24 week plan and in little more than 12 weeks I have lost around 9 kgs …the journey continues but yes he has been the best support and am looking forward to go on and on. His positivity and zeal to help is contagious …super thankful and all the best

Sindhu Nayak
12 May 2023

The main reason I joined Fittr is to lose a few kilos and look more slim, even though I was in a healthy weight. Coach Ratnakar made me understand that loosing kilos and looking weak doesn't make us slim and it is the diet and the exercise which makes us fit within. I have few dietary restrictions with regards to proteins and he always made sure to assign me diet plans keeping all these in mind and leveraging my cuisine as a diet. In the last few months I have made only a few small changes in my diet and exercise and I can see a tremendous change in me, Not only in the mirror but also in my lifestyles. Binge eating was always a challenge for me, but now I am able to control it and have learnt to quantify my food while also not obsessing over it. All thanks to the Coach, his interest in his mentees is very appreciable. His positive attitude is contagious. I highly recommend him to anyone who is willing to take their first steps towards fitness.