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Prajna Divakar
19 Feb 2024

As I had given up trying all possible ways to loose weight . Is when I was introduced to Ratnakar sir. He has introduced me to seeing fitness in a totally different aspect, I would say I have seen fitness to be something out of the normal routine thing , but now I know it is something we are a part of or we should be a part of. I thankful for that , I will surely remember you for motivating me at all times. I will keep up the energy and motivation you have shared. Thank you .

Neha Mahajan
07 Feb 2024

This is long due and well deserved for my coach Ratnakar. I started my journey with him on 20th November.l,2023 I had been a silent observer on fittr for past 2 plus years. I talked to few coaches but then Ratnakar n I clicked. Right from the first call with him, i knew he will make me overcome my inhibitions, my mental procrastination.. Honestly he was more sure than i was of myself and he still is. Whenever i felt let us chuck it for a day, a msg would pop up, how is it going? N i used to get back on track. He helped figuring out the right diet plan for me and voila it started showing results. I became greedy to loose more weight. To me it was not my win, it was his and i would like to give all the credit to my coach. Ratnakar empathises with you during your lows and is great with words when you need a push for yourself. Your faith in me during this journey has been a driving force and i would love to continue my journey with you to reach what you have made me dream of and i am certain that under your tutelage that day is not far. Thank you for being such an amazing person. Regards

Urmila Ramdin
07 Feb 2024

As I reflect on my fitness journey thus far, I am overwhelmed with gratitude for your unwavering support, guidance, and encouragement. I'm thrilled to share that under the guidance of my amazing coach Ratnakar, my thyroid, insulin, and cholesterol levels are all within range! šŸ™Œ And it's not just about the numbers on the scale. Under the guidance of my incredible coach, I've learned that true transformation comes from embracing discipline in all aspects of life. I am deeply grateful for the positive impact you have had on my life, both physically and mentally. Your dedication to your craft and genuine care for your clients shine through in everything you do, and for that, I am truly thankful. As I continue on this journey, I carry with me the invaluable lessons and encouragement you have bestowed upon me. Your influence will forever be etched in my heart, serving as a guiding light as I navigate the path towards optimal health and well-being. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for being more than just a fitness coach but a beacon of inspiration and support. Your passion, expertise, and kindness have made all the difference, and I am eternally grateful to have you by my side on this transformative journey. With heartfelt appreciation, Urmila

Premilla Lobo
04 Feb 2024

I am Premilla Lobo aged 60. I was looking for weight loss and was advised to join FITTR by my daughter. i was following it for quite sometime and I joined in Jan 2022 under a coach. Because of some health issue in the family I couldn't continue. She was a good friend to lean on during my difficult phase. Again in October 2023 I rejoined under Rathnakar Pai. My only purpose at the time of joining was because he is from my place he will understand my food habits better. But Rathnakar proved to be more than that. Every week he will call unfailingly. He will encourage me to ask any doubts any time. He will answer all my silly doubts. When I had knee plain while doing lunges and squats he changed the exercises and he corrected my form during a video call. He was always telling me to go slow, not to put pressure on my knees, encourage me to do the 10000 steps. Now I have lost 9 kgs in 4 months and I want to continue the journey. He always used to tell me that one should make changes in lifestyle I.e. the food and strength training I do should always be a part of my life forever and I hope to keep it that way. Your Team Rathnakar challenge for the month of January was very good. Though I could not complete it when I had fever, it was a tool to make mentees to get up from bed and go for a walk. Looking forward to many such challenges in the future. Thank you Rathnakar for being a good coach, a friend and a guide. I am confident that I will become more fit and healthy under your guidance. I recommend Rathnakar to my friends and family members.