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Rashmi Singh


About Me

I specialize in Fat-Loss, General well-being, Post-Pregnancy Weight-Loss, and Makeover/Transformations.. Hi, I am Rashmi Singh, an Expert Level Certified Nutrition & Training Consultant (INFS). I have spent more than 12 years in Medical Transcription Industry in a Lead Role dealing with the records of various lines of treatments for various diseases by world-renowned doctors. I am a strong believer of the statement ‘A little progress each day adds up to big results.’ The same goes with the Journey of Fitness, each workout session and each meal matters! I personally had to deal with medical issues, obesity and then post pregnancy weight gain. It was high time for me to learn about Fitness, Nutrition, Training and Healthy Weight-Loss. I transformed myself from a “70+ Kg. Aunty” to “54 Kg. Young Lady”. My journey was all about taking one step at a time and being consistent. Since I have travelled this path without any sign-board, I assure I can guide others travel this path in much shorter time. One size does not fit all. Every individual has different goals, different aspirations and different starting points. I put emphasis on assessing the current position, needs and aspirations of an individual and then coming up with the best possible meal-plans, work-out schedules and guidance. Some may find me STRICT, but that’s the way I am, and believe me, It shall work in your advantage! 12 weeks from now, you shall thank yourself! Come on, click “ENROLL”!... Show more