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Seema Nandrajog
25 May 2024

I trained with Rajeev for a month in a group class and decided to continue my WFH journey on 1-1 basis for past few weeks now. I was a bit skeptical about the efficacy of remote trainings but must say that a few weeks down with Rajeev, I am now a convert. Rajeev is an excellent trainer who customizes the daily routine to suit what I need and pushes me to go higher and do better. I am more disciplined than ever and have way more strength and a better technique than I have had in years. Overall, a truly satisfying experience- and I look forward to continuing my fitness journey with Rajeev for many more years to come.

23 May 2024

I've been training 1 on 1 with Rajeev for the past 3 months, he is an excellent fitness trainer. Rajeev customizes workouts to match my goals and ensures I use the correct form. He is very motivating and keeps the sessions enjoyable and challenging. I've seen great improvements in my strength and endurance. I highly recommend Rajeev

Ashish Kohli
11 May 2024

Rajeev is extremely consistent, realistic and easy to work with. He is skill full and understands the art and science of strength and conditioning . I have been working with him since some time now and I always look forward to my work outs . If you are looking for someone who can train you and guide you consistently then Rajeev is the person !

14 Mar 2024

Thanks Rajeev for being consistent and always helpful.