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Sangeeta Guha
25 May 2023

when I frst started my diet plan program with rajat tyagi.... honestly i was little skeptical.... before enrolling in Fttr app i wasted time nd money with different diet plan and with different when I fst enrolled myself under the guidance of Rajat...i hv learned many things about calories nd ratio. Rajat has been constant support and guided me till date...i know i was not a easy person to dealt he patiencely listened to my health problems and guiding me till coach ever...i wish him all the best for his future

25 May 2023

Coach Rajat is “Gem” of a person. I’m not sure I could ever find the words to fully express how grateful I am for your support and encouragement in my fitness journey. When I first started working with you, I never imagined I would be where I am today. Thanks to your guidance and motivation, I have achieved so much more than I ever thought possible.It’s truly a bliss knowing that I have a person like you, who understands my body type and my body needs, your workout schedules have really helped me get back to my shape and also in understanding my diet better. You truly made all the difference in my life, and for that, I am forever grateful.

Kumkum Sharma
21 Apr 2023

Rajat is a very nice coach. I had never dreamt that fitness can even improve my high BP, that Dr reduced my BP medicine by half dosage and also for high Cholestrol medicine reduced to only 1 tablet now. All this happened by great guidance of Rajat because of the efficacy of the firness plan my BP and cholesterol levels are getting in normal range. My son showed me a fitness transformation reel of FITTR on instagram and when I saw, I asked how to get this type of transformation. Then my son told me about FITTR and enrolled me in the fitness plan of FITTR under coach Rajat. Now, I not only feeling healthy but also my headache is gone (I am having continued medication for Migrain) and my sleep quality is very good. Every morning I wake up with relax mind. Rajat made my fitness plan comprising small achievable targets for walking and strength training workout by resistance bands at home. As he shares his guidance and knowledge, I come to know about lots of things of diet plan: How to prepare meals healthy and yet tasty + How to take care of quantities of fruits and vegetables and dry fruits for good fat. I can see change in my eating habits, change in my cooking style, change in my look and change in my mindset for healthy lifestyle. All thanks to Rajat, I recommend him to everyone who is looking for changing themselves to a better healthy personality, as I have enrolled not only myself under him for the fitness plan, but also my daughter and son are enrolled under him. I will share my transformation sooner.

Jubin Tyagi
21 Apr 2023

Rajat’s coaching technique has put me on correct path of weight loss journey, I highly appreciate his patient listening and understanding capabilities.