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Sangeeta Udani
20 Jun 2023

it has been an amazing journey with Fittr and Coach Raj Thakur. He has helped me a lot throughout and has always guided me whenever I needed it and helped me reach my goals. I would like to thank him for his motivation and guidance to reach where I am today. Thanks Raj!

Shweta Awasthi
24 Oct 2022

It was an amazing journey with Fitter and super supportive coach Raj. He dint even helped me to loose weight but also helped me understand the importance of nutrition, If i don’t do dieting, still i know which food is right for me. This is all because of wonderful coach. Thankyou so much Raj for my weight loss journey and always motivated me. ‘I can do it’. Regards

15 Oct 2022

It has been an amazing journey with Fittr and my super supportive mentor Raj. I lost 13kgs and gained a lot of confidence. He has been an integral part of my journey on every step of the way. His expertise in the field and the level of customisation he gives based on my crazy work schedule was really beneficial. There have been weeks where I had faltered in my journey but he always pushed me to look forward and inspired me to not repeat the mistakes and be vigilant next time. He has been really keen to improve my relationship with food so that the transition is sustainable. I think he clearly understood my limitations and always found a way around for everything in terms of diet and exercises. I highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for sustainable fitness goals. In the past one year of my mentorship, he has been a great support system for me and also listened to me patiently and answered all my queries ( often more than once). He’s empathetic and strict as needed which was crucial for a novice like me so as to not feel disheartened but also not slack in progress. I’m sure he’ll be a great fit for all body types and people with varied kind of metabolism as he breaks it down into simple steps busting a lot of myths along the way. I have inspired a lot of people around me to join me on the fitness journey and have gained a new found determination to crush any goal in life related to fitness or otherwise. Thanks a lot Raj for everything. Keep shining !!! P.S. - I finally have the confidence to use (💪🏻) emoji 😅

Bhavana Mantri
15 Oct 2022

It was a wonderful journey with such a supportive and inspiring coach like raj. He knew dat i was enrolling fr 3rd time but he still started off with explaining all the basics. He sets very realistic goals and ders always transparency in the process with him. He makes sure to keep in touch every week. The best thing is you can pop a question on watsapp anytime nd he is der to answer you. Even of he has to explain the same thing continuously over weeks he does it without getting irritated. The diet plan has a lot of variations to make sure that we dont feel like we r on diet. I used to get discouraged if i didnt see the results in weeks but he was always der to motivate, cheer me up and make sure that i trust the process. Thank you Raj fr all the help and support. i know i have a long way to go but i will make sure not to get discouraged nd trust the process