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31 Jan 2024

I gained a lot of weight during the course of a year from 62 to 73kg. It was mainly due to my eating habits, work stress & sedentary lifestyle. I decided to do something but needed that extra push and mentor to stay motivated. That’s when I signed up with Radhika on Fittr six months ago. Radhika carefully assessed my health conditions (back problem), goals, requirements and catered both diet/workout plan accordingly. She would regularly checkin and ensure I am having weekly progress either inch loss or weight loss. There were times where i got off track due to Holidays and house moving. She kept motivating me to continue and also found areas where I had lapses to get me back on track. Today I am at 67. I am glad that I lost 6 kgs in 6 months despite a lot of off-course due to my personal situation. Now I am more fit and healthy. Major credit goes to Radhika for inspiring and motivating me through this journey! Thank you Radhika for everything💐. I would strongly recommend her to anyone who is looking out to become fit and transform for the better!

Aishwarya Monisha
16 Dec 2023

Radhika has exactly been the kind of coach/guide I was looking for. I was six months postpartum when I enrolled under her & I was in a hurry to lose all the weight. She asked me to slow down & patiently explained how the postpartum body takes time to heal & get back. I always had a target weight for which I work out, and once I reach, I go back to my unhealthy eating habits. But during these 12 weeks, I learned that fitness is not a destination but a journey/a lifestyle. I lost 8kgs during this journey and gained strength and knowledge. I'm thankful to Radhika for making me look at fitness as a bigger picture and not just as a short-term goal. There are monthly/weekly challenges for meal pics & step counts, etc, but Radhika doesn't pester you to do it. This is something I personally liked. One thing that could get better is the time taken to respond on whatsapp.

Indhumathi Senthil
09 Dec 2023

I started my FITTR journey with Radhika after seeing her videos ,as I expected the way she understood my problem and gave a good explanation of why it happened and how to overcome it was excellent .I was very lazy and tired and was gaining weight with bad sleep .She changed my diet and gave an excellent work plan, which suits my lazy body. It helped me a lot to be active with my daily activities. She responds whenever needed, and she calls me at the correct time when she schedules with me .The journey with her was very comfortable, and she was more caring than us on our body .Thank you, Radhika.

Nevedha Prasad
29 Nov 2023

I have started my Fittr journey with Radhika 3 months ago. When I started I was having very low mood and anxiety because of PCOD and thyroid problems. I was having gastritis and acidity issues as well. I had a very sedentary life style and was very lazy. I spoke with couple of coaches and I liked the way Radhika explained the process and how I can achieve my goals. I was not sure how am I going to be consistent with exercises and stop eating outside food. But with her motivation first few weeks I started slowly but for few weeks i could not see any results.. But with her Motivation I continued putting my efforts and at one point I could see good changes in my body also with my health. My acidity slowly reduced and my mood improved my anxiety was low, my periods are super regular now. I am not taking any medication for past 3 months for my acidity. I can’t thank Radhika enough for these lifestyle changes in me. The motivation that she gives me every week is making me a better person.