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Apoorva M
31 May 2023

I am in midway transformation with Coach Radhika and am feeling proud of myself for choosing her. started with 74 kgs and now with 68 kgs in 5 months, I see myself in a different energy level. lost a few inches too, majorly in the waist, which resulted in buying jeans with lesser size gives you so much happiness too. I like myself more for starting my journey well before getting into any medical condition. I love Radhika for her patience in listening to my needs, understanding my lifestyle, and guiding me throughout. I am looking forward to seeing my goal getting achieved.

Avanthi Ch
10 May 2023

I have selected Radhika for my postpartum weight loss. I am very happy with my progress so far. I am feeling much energized and am able to actively run around by 7 yr and 18 month old kids. What sets Radhika apart is her attention to details and curating individual work out and diet plans basing on the client’s goals and preferences. She is also an active listener and helped me navigate thru many questions regarding meal plans and exercises with her bountiful knowledge. I am looking forward to continue this journey with you for next few months to achieve my goals

Pragathi Gajjala
05 May 2023

It was great working with Coach Radhika who guided me with meal plans and workouts and even provided me with instant alternatives to certain foods that I didn't want to eat or had grown tired of, which helped to keep my meals interesting and enjoyable. My experience with her was nothing short of exceptional. She took the time to listen to my concerns, learn about my lifestyle and dietary preferences, and then provided me with a customized meal plan that fit my needs. She was committed to helping me achieve my health goals. Throughout our journey, she was incredibly attentive and responsive. Whenever I had a question or concern, she was there to offer guidance and support. Thank you, Radhika, for helping me understand the significance of maintaining a balanced diet and engaging in regular physical activity for health and overall well-being.

Dhivya Thanasekaran
22 Apr 2023

I was introduced to FITTR by one of my frnd and she referred to enrol with radhika. Soon after enrolling, I noticed to see visible changes and was being active without more cravings. I followed radhika's nutrition plan. Being mom of a toddler and a busy working professional, I couldn't plan for gym. Radhika guided me to follow only home workouts as thats the more convenient way to adapt a life time goal. I have found visible inch loss and reduced 6 kgs in 12 weeks. Im more happier that I got to know the life style now. Consistency is the key to success is what I learnt in this journey. Will follow this to achieve my goal as this is a never ending process. Radhika is such a great mentor who listens and understands to our needs and helps to adjust the plan accordingly based on our situation. She is a good motivator and made me feel so confident on myself. Thank you Mam for your excellent guidance and support. This is just the beginning in my journey and there is still more to progress which I ll continue further.