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Priyanka Choudhury


About Me

"Hello FITTR Fam, I am Priyanka, your fitness coach, Expert Nutrition & Training Consultant from INFS. I started my journey in the midst of the pandemic, with a fat hanging post-partum belly. Having a full time job, super active toddler of 3 years old & household chores, it felt almost impossible to achieve a fit body. I was always on the leaner side but pregnancy & motherhood can bring so many new changes to a woman's body which I was completely unaware of. It was no fun looking like 5 months pregnant even after years of delivering my child. I finally decided to take charge of my body & change for the better. From flab to fab to coach, this journey has been a roller coaster. And I could do all of these working out from home & having simple home cooked food. Fitness is simple, lets keep it simple with no fancy or fad diets. I believe we all deserve the body we dream to have. And no one but we should define our limits. I specialize in post partum weight loss, fat loss & general well being. I customize plans according to individual preferences & schedule, ensuring fitness becomes part of your life as seamlessly as possible & still you get the desired results. If you have decided to make a lifestyle change & be a better version of yourself, I can help you through the process. Lets begin the journey....."... Show more


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