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Priti Chopra


About Me

Hi, This is Priti Chopra, Expert level certified FITTR Coach. Also certified in 'Nutrition and Lifestyle in Pregnancy' by LMU, Ludwig. I BELIEVE that the road to a Healthy and Fit life needs motivation, determination, consistency and persistence. It's a lifestyle change. My fitness journey began a few years ago. I started my career as a Software professional. Later, I ventured into Computer Hardware retail. As a business owner, always under stress, my metabolism began to slow down, my unhealthy eating habits caught up with me, and I recognized that I was battling depression. Changing business, I ventured into Furniture. And then a corporate job as a Senior Manager of digital ads and emailing, meant late nights, office politics, drinks and health went for a toss. On the personal front, I have two children. During all this time, what remained constant and ever growing, is my passion for Fitness. When I desired Science-backed knowledge strongly enough I found FITTR. Since 2017, I have not only transformed myself, but also am now a INFS certified coach with this exceptional company. I specialize in body transformation, fatloss, muscle and strength gain, Post-pregnancy weight loss. I specialize in customising flexible nutrition and exercise (both gym and home workouts) plans for pregnant women, busy working mom, lactating mom, frequent travellers and people with high-stress occupations. Diabetes, fatty liver, thyroid, PCOD, IBS, hypertension, cholesterol etc are often lifestyle related and hence require you to get your nutrition and exercise in order, which I can help you with. I focus on building customised plans according to your individuality, schedule, and preferences so that fitness is sustainable and enjoyable. I work in multiple time zones and have awesome mentees transforming around the world. I encourage you to connect with me with any queries yoy may have, before enrolling. It's my endeavor to keep on upgrading my knowledge and skills to make people's lives better and help them move towards achieving their fitness goals in a simple, approachable and sustainable way. If you’re struggling with finding a direction for your goals, let's begin the journey today and you wont regret it. Wouldn’t it be a shame to go through life without ever having realized what your body is capable of?... Show more


Contest Prep
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Nutrition and Lifestyle in Pregnancy Certificate LMU


INFS Nutrition and Fitness Foundation Certificate


INFS Nutrition and Fitness Expert Consultant Certificate


INFS Exercise Science Specialist Certificate

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