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FITTR kids
Pre & Post Natal Training
Dipti Raj
30 May 2023

It has been more than 2 months practicing yoga with Preeti and i must say 1. She is very knowledgeable yoga instructor 2. Listens to my problems and is preparing me for my fittr version practicing different forms of asanas, meditation with my fav bhajans in background 3. I had back, neck and knee pain due to several reasons. Now i feel relaxed, less pain around these parts.My body is more flexible and has gained more strength with her. 4. She teaches and also corrects postures when i am wrong and patiently handles my questions. 5. Very punctual and provides knowledge about the asanas, meditation, pranayams to know why we do them. 6.She has taught me some acupuncture points for the days i cannot perform exercise/yoga 7. She goes from low to high intensity yoga according to my body adaption. 8. Each session is fun with her, teaching always something new to target all body parts. 9. I have few months of training left and i am willingly continuing with her to learn more. 10. Everyday i look forward for session. Her morning energy keeps me activated throughout day and my lifestyle has improved. Note: Without a doubt i can recommend her for improving/adapting fitness lifestyle.

Anshu Jain
29 May 2023

It has been over one month since I started taking yoga classes from Preeti, and I really like the way she teaches the yoga. Having never done any exercise before, I gradually started with simple warm up exercises, and gradually she taught me Surya namaskar, breathing exercises, Chandra namaskar and Bhrammi. After each class, I can clearly notice the improvement in my stamina and my fitness, as well as how happy I feel afterward. In addition to being knowledgeable, she answered all my questions and concerns calmly. Looking forward to learning more from her, I'm definitely planning to continue my yoga classes with her. Preeti, you are the best. Thank you very much.

Prarthana Gowda
02 Dec 2022

Very good experience training with Preeti. She is very knowledgeable in Yoga concepts and has a solution for everything. Very helpful and accommodating nature and a genuine person to work with.

Anshu Agrawal
23 Nov 2022

I am taking Pre-Natal Yoga with Preeti since 4 months and I can say that she is one of the best yoga instructors I can ever have. I couldn’t find anyone more knowledgeable person to guide me through my journey. I am a working lady and it’s hard for me to keep up with things but she is helping me a lot with everything related to prenatal cares, she guide me with Post-natal care as well. She knows about everything, I just have to say how I am feeling or if I have any pain and she takes care of that immediately. This helps me with my work life balance and reduce work stress too. Thanks Preeti for being there😍