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Ayush jain
31 May 2023

"Under Preeti's expert guidance, I experienced remarkable success in achieving my health goals. Her realistic and practical approach made it easier for me to adopt and sustain the changes necessary for my diet and habits. Preeti ensured that I could follow the prescribed diet without burdening my family for changing for cooking things extra for myself. Thanks to Preeti's support and proper timely guidance, I was able to surpass my initial goal of losing over 5kg within a few months. Her understanding of the IT lifestyle and her ability to tailor her guidance accordingly were invaluable. Preeti's expertise helped me navigate the unique challenges we face as IT professionals and provided me with strategies that were both effective and practical.

16 Mar 2023

Preeti is one of the finest FITTR coaches who knows her craft well. Her meal prepping ideas specially as per US grocery options were the game changer for me in my diet adherence. Her regular follow ups and checkins wouldn’t let you drop the ball midway. Every time I slipped she would caringly bring me back to my routine. More than physical transformation she focusses on transforming you mentally first and then the real results follow. She is an expert at designing a well rounded nutritious vegetarian diet plans. Her replacement charts and quick recipe ideas make it easy to keep the diet interesting. I will continue my fitness journey with her.

Amarpreet Kaur
08 Feb 2023

I am really thankful to you for showing me the right direction on the path of fitness. It was an amazing experience learning from her related to exercises and eating habits. Though was not able strictly during my membership tenure due to travel plans and other personal reasons. But I would like really recommend Preeti as she is HUB of knowledge and a dedicated coach.

Vinay Jain
26 Dec 2022

Finding a coach who could help you transform your body when you are a staunch vegetarian is like finding a needle in a haystack. And I am glad that I was lucky enough to find my needle (aka Preeti) :-) Laser sharp focused, results-oriented, no BS approach, approachable, courteous, organized, and rigorous are some of the (many) adjectives that I could think of when I think of Preeti. Being a staunch Vegetarian, Preeti has mastered the art & science of a Plant-based diet. She skillfully harnesses this power to the benefit of her clients to help them build lean & mean bodies. Her knowledge in the area of plant-based nutrition and fitness combined with her charming person (yes she is very very stern in her approach but very gentle) makes her an impeccable 'Fitness Coach". With her as your coach by your side, you can be rest assured that your journey is going to be onward & upwards. Thank you Preeti for your hard work on me to change me into who I am today. Alot of respect for you. Regards