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Strength and Conditioning
Animal Flow Workouts
08 Sep 2023

Few key points first about me before start of my journey 1)103kgs 2)High Blood Pressure with elevated heart rate despite taking medications 3)Sedentary life with zero motivation to improve healthy and active life. Goals 1)Reach BMI weight 2)Achieve healthy lifestyle with an holistic approach 3)Development of motivational mindset towards health and life. Now,it has been 5 months I have been training with Praver Sir, Things we have achieved till now, 1)93kgs 2)Blood Pressure has normalised and heart rate ventures around 70 – 73 bpm. 3)Have developed a strong mindset towards health. 4)Have a developed good amount of strength . Praver sir has played a pivotal role in turning around my life towards a good lifestyle. I appreciate his methods and his approach towards achieving my goals. Highly motivating and very strong mindset are few of primary qualities I have noticed in him. He is highly knowledgeable about different aspects of healthy lifestyle as well as world affairs, u won’t be bored when u r training with him.I am planning for long term training with him as he is highly efficient and excellent trainer. I have also developed a saying about him, ˋWhen you go with Praver Sir, then you are destined to succeed´

Mamta Mishra
20 Mar 2022

Praver” meaning is An excellent warrior, King, Chief, Brave.” And he has all. Such an awesome PT coach. He is so knowledgable, friendly, a good listener. I have started my sessions with him in Dec2021 and still continues. I have improved so much in his guidance. My strength definitely has improved a lot. He is always there to answer questions/queries. He takes his work/ clients at top priority. Thankyou Praver for being my PT coach!!

Ankit Pahwa
04 Mar 2022

I have nothing but “excellent” feedback and the “nicest” things to say for coach Praver The best part about training with him is - excellent support I have injuries and he treats me so well with utmost respect and always wary about my bad back. He is a true professional and a great motivator I can’t thank him enough for what he makes me do. He has excellent and in depth knowledge about rehab, Physcial training as well as being cognitive of the fact how to deal with a customer who is already low and less motivated becoz of an injury Way to go Praver! I am sure we’d go a long way. If you are looking for a pt coach look no further.

Disha Lokwani
09 Dec 2021

I have trained under coaches before but Praver hands down has been the most sincere and supportive coach. He takes his work very sincerely and no matter what ensures his clients come first. His knowledge, sincerety coupled with his dedication towards his clients makes him an excellent coach. Will recommend him anytime.