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Prateek Singh


About Me

Hi, I am Prateek Singh and I am certified by the INSTITUTE OF NUTRITION & FITNESS SCIENCES in Nutrition & fitness science. I have been working out since last 10 years and have always been consistent with my training regime. Gaining weight due to lifestyle issues and then dropping it kept happening till one day I broke my ankle in an accident and was on bed for complete 3 months. Being a foodie and having a sweet tooth, I gained weight drastically and ended up weighing 90 kgs and started feeling low with how I looked in the mirror. I am an avid traveler and have been to 16+ countries in last 2 years. Binge eating, unhealthy lifestyle & irregular training regime made me lose track of my fitness goals along with a weak ankle because of which I couldn't sprint or squat. So if you have a travelling job or you travel often , I can help you plan a routine that you could follow! I started my transformation journey and began quantified nutrition and lost 17 kgs and lots of inches overall which made my fat percentage drop from 20 to 8% with mindful eating and regular exercise. I made sure to stick to my calories religiously and saw results that I wanted! I strongly believe that if we plan to do something with full heart, there is nothing that can STOP us!! Giving your best every single day makes you a CHAMPION and being a champion is easy! What it takes is COMMITMENT!... Show more


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