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Prateek Jena


About Me

With over 6 years of team handling experience in Corporate, one thing that I can vouch for is rather than focusing on output, one must ensure right inputs are given for results. With focus on not only improving metabolism, building muscles but also educating and equipping you with knowledge to have a sustained fit lifestyle, focusing more on the journey and the end destination. I owing to my exposure I specialize flexible fitness and nutrition plans for people with high-stress occupations and who travel a lot. Activity based and engaging plans which makes exercise more of fun. Having being worked as FITLine Buddy, over the course of 3 years I have spoken to numerous people and have understood their concerns and challenges. I have also guided 30 clients in their fitness journey. Our goals might be same but bodies and lifestyle are different which shall need tailor made diet and exercise planning. Lets put our best efforts together in this journey and the results shall speak for itself. I specialise in: ?Fat Loss ?Muscle Building ?Flexible eating ?Habit based coaching ?Activity based exercise plan ?Diet and emotional psychology... Show more

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