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Chetanya Sharma
11 Apr 2023

I joined Prateek sir when I badly needed someone who could have helped me with my fitness goals. I kept asking silly questions and he had the patience to listen to everything I said and just calmly showed me the right path. He helped me build a strong foundation and gradually increased the pace. It's been just 12 weeks and I have learned a lot from him. I always felt that just more is better but Prateek sir explained why and how a balance of everything is what it takes. I am grateful that I found him as my mentor. We have a long term plan in picture and am more than excited to keep learning from him. Apart from losing fat and getting stronger what I gained the most is 'confidence'. I won't be able to express my gratitude in few words but all I can say is 'he is the one' who can help you build a better version of yourself and maintain it!

Anubha Singh
02 Mar 2023

Prateek is a wonderful coach and a guide. He understands client’s issues and customise plans as per need and goal. My fitness journey went very well with him. I’m back on track which was missing because of some reasons. Thanks for bringing that consistency in my routine which is the key to live a healthy life. I have got amazing results with you. God bless you. Thanks for all your guidance and patience.

Lakshmi Pawar
27 Feb 2023

Prateek has been an absolutely amazing coach. He takes the time to explain the science behind weight loss, diet and strength training. His approach is very personal and is fully committed to your journey. He takes the time to listen to you and provides recommendations that are both achievable and sustainable. Being a big foodie I was a bit anxious at the beginning whether I would sustain for 24 weeks but with his guidance and support the process did not feel very daunting. I am very happy with the results so far and looking forward to this continued journey with Prateek!

20 Dec 2022

I tried all kind of diets in my quest to lose body fat but was never successful. Somehow they never really worked for me. I would get bored after a while or lose interest when I wouldn’t see results. It all changed when I came across FITTR. Coach Prateek was like a godsend. He listened to my needs and tailored a plan that put me on the right path. He made things simple and gave me practical tools and techniques. All his methods were scientific and logical and I was instantly hooked. For the first time in my life I saw myself shedding weight week after week. I had set a target of losing 5 kgs but the whole approach felt so comfortable that I didn’t want to stop. So far I have lost 9 kgs and I don’t feel like stopping. I want to get my 6 packs now!! Thank you Coach!!