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Strength and Conditioning
Strength and Yoga
Pre & Post Natal Training
Sumitha Reddy
18 Sep 2022

Pooja has been a great motivation for me. she was my first personal coach I found through FITTR. The way she has guided me through my ups and downs has been incredible. Pooja helps a lot in correcting postures and pays a lot of attention to making sure my breathing technique is proper. Her knowledge of yoga is vast and she mixes the exercises every week so I don't get bored of doing the same. Personally I feel stronger since I started with her. I will be continuing with her forever.

Majidha Firos
09 Jan 2022

I completed 2 months of training with Pooja.She is an excellent coach.I was the one doing yoga last 3 years with my friends but when Pooja became my coach ,the difference I felt was,she corrected my posters and when I correctly followed her guidance, I could loose around 6 kg with ease and my body became more flexible .She also made me understand, before and after yoga ,do not suddenly take food and always maintain a gap .She is so polite ,kind and generous.When my energy level is less ,she could catch it,even before I say her.That is something which I felt so good.She is a positive lady and keeps on motivating me.Step by step she introduces new asanas,the way my body could do with ease.Just after completing 1 month of training ,I recommended Pooja to my friend.Now she is her coach too.She too have the same opinion about Pooja.I will strongly recommend her.She have a deep knowledge on yoga and asanas.

09 Jan 2022

Pooja is a very good instructor.. she notices the smallest mistakes that I do… she is very friendly so that I am very comfortable with her. Even the basic excercises are tough for me.. because she is making me do in a correct way. Plank was the toughest excercise for me … but she help in such a way that I was able to do it for more .she is very, calm and caring coach.. I like to continue with her.

Pooja Sandhuria
09 Dec 2021

I just completed a month training with Pooja. This is my first time ever taking sessions with a personal trainer. I was a little hesitant in the beginning and did not want to feel overwhelmed. Pooja is an amazing personal trainer, she tailors your work out specifically to your needs. She gives feedback and knowledge to support your goals outside of your sessions. Her attentions to details in the sessions is unmatched. Her knowledge about the yoga and asana is a bonus . Her sessions are challenging but relaxing at the same time. I would highly recommend her.