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Devanshee Shah
19 May 2023

I am writing to express my sincere gratitude to Pooja for her outstanding coaching and guidance over the past 12 weeks. I have learned so much from her and I am truly grateful for her help in transforming my life. When I first started working with Pooja, I was feeling lost and unmotivated who had never been to gym. However, Pooja quickly changed my mind. She was patient, understanding, and always encouraging. She helped me to create a realistic and sustainable fitness and diet plan that was tailored to my individual needs of Jain diet. Over the past 12 weeks, I gained muscle, and improved my overall health and well-being. I am so much stronger and more confident than I was when I started working with Pooja. I am so grateful for Pooja's help in transforming my life. She is an amazing coach and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to improve their health and fitness.

Parul Goyal
02 May 2022

😊My journey with Pooja was amazing . She is a honest coach. When I started looking for the coach she was the first one I saw that had slots available so I reached out to her and quickly everything started. In the beginning itself she was very clear on instructions and what you should do. Initially few weeks it was very tough and I told Pooja that steps not reaching 10,000 so she asked me to send daily screenshot of my steps counts that kind of encouraged me and I started completing my steps, proper diet and exercise. Since I am a vegetarian she gave me a cheat sheet that I could use to what all I can eat and in a defined quantity. She is patient and I really liked her style of mentoring. Whenever I asked her to change my training plan she added always good home exercises. She will always ask what you like to eat so she could add it to the diet plan accordingly. I highly recommend her as she coached me so well. ‘Mehnat humey hi karni hai par agar koi sahi Rasta dikha de ke Mehnat kaisey karni hai to safalta paney se apko koi rok nahi sakta”. My good wishes Pooja ❤️

Annie Priscilla Thomas
19 Apr 2022

Pooja is an awesome coach. I really enjoyed my fat loss journey with her. She motivated me whenever I am down and showed me the importance of consistency. She is an amazing human being and an inspiration herself. I am so happy that I chose her and it was life changing. She was responsive whenever we try to reach her and as a coach she has always been there for me. Thank you so much Pooja. It has been a wonderful 12 weeks with you.

Richa Trivedi
09 Apr 2022

Pooja is a great coach. She allows me to eat whatever I want in a sustainable manner. At times she also added chocolate for a week and that week also I lost inches is more inspiring for me. I never thought it is possible 😄. She is very quick in responding and clearing all doubts. I saw drastic change in my inches everywhere although less on weight side. Earlier I was reluctant in sharing my pics in fitness clothes now I want to click and show. just increasing love for my body day by day. Thank you Pooja for all your support throughout.