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14 Apr 2024

I have been training with Pari for 3 months now and I am satisfied with the the class. she knows how to adjust the plan according to the lifestyle of the student and never forces if someone is not comfortable. I could see that the strength training is working during a recent hike where I definitely had more strength in my legs. Pari is very dedicated herself and always strives for imparting a training that is sustainable

Toshit Kumar
08 Apr 2024

For nearly three months, I've been fortunate to engage in personal training sessions with Pari. Her unwavering commitment and genuine dedication are truly remarkable. The enthusiasm she brings to each session is infectious, fueling my consistency and pushing me to achieve my best. Pari's keen attention to detail, particularly in correcting form, has made a significant impact on my progress. Each day, I look forward for our sessions, knowing that with her guidance, I'm on the path to elevating my fitness to new heights. I'm excited to continue this journey with her and explore the possibilities of reaching the next level of fitness together.

Saurabh Bag
31 Oct 2023

I've been training with Pari for a month now, and I couldn't be happier with the results. She's incredibly punctual, always on time, and ensures I make steady progress. I've felt a noticeable increase in my strength, and I'm learning so much about wellness and training. What sets her apart is her ability to understand your goals and design sessions that best suits works for one. The best part? The incredible sense of satisfaction and contentment at the end of each workout. If you're serious about your health, I highly recommend giving her a go!

Anshita Srivastava
30 Oct 2023

Pari has a great understanding of the needs of the people she is coaching. She spends time in learning about their requirements, strengths, weaknesses and challenges. This is one of the best qualities a coach can exhibit because every person is unique. I have been working out under her guidance for 3 months and look forward to each session with her. I’m really enjoying my training with her and that has helped me in being consistent. She is very considerate and kind in her approach. I highly recommended her. Thank you Pari !