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Harshit Desai
15 Jul 2022

This was my first time enrolling under any kind of Fitness coach & I am very glad that I made the right choice enrolling under Papiha. I don’t know about the other coaches but after 9 months of training under her guidance, i can say with utmost guarantee that she is amongst the Top coaches in Fittr. She kept motivating & pushing me throughout my transformation journey & her plans really worked wonders. While most clients would enrol on Fittr for Weight loss, mine was completely opposite. Papiha’s Diet & Fitness regime helped me gain almost 5 Kgs with good Muscle mass - Something that is very tough for skinny guys like me. Her balanced diet now makes me follow healthy eating habits & i have started leading a disciplined life wrt my Health which was not the case last year. Papiha was available for a quick chat/feedback almost every day during my journey rather than just sticking to the stipulated weekly updates - She very well went beyond what was expected & too every possible effort to help me achieve my goal. Thanks a lot Papiha - You are a Rockstar in the Fitness space 🙌🏻

Mansi Desai
13 Jul 2022

Papiha has been an extremely patient and understanding coach. She made sure she motivated us every single day. She helped me overcome my fear of not losing weight while eating carbohydrates. I had just recovered from a slip disc when I enrolled with her and she made exercises really easy so that my back gets enough time to recover. She's just the perfect person I found for my post partum, post slip disc fitness . Can't thank her enough for every time she's stood by us like rock.

Priyanka Rai
17 May 2022

This is my second enrollment with Papiha. Before her, I enrolled with 2 other coaches but never felt satisfaction. She will never allow you to starve. Every week she asked me if I want something else in my diet. Even I enjoyed mangoes a lot last year while in diet. I managed to lose 35 inches from all over my body. Though I was injured for 3-4 months but I keep maintaining my weight and didn't put on inches. It's not end of my journey with Papiha. It's just a start. Thank you so much Coach ❤️❤️

Kanika Kapoor
22 Feb 2022

A coach like Papiha should be appreciated for sure. Highly professional yet very understanding. After suffering from covid ,I was very low with energy, strength and self confidence. She has encouraged me at every step, infact everyday.Very flexible with my choices and needs regarding food and training and always appreciated me for my efforts. Thanks to her that I am living a much healthier lifestyle,She belived in me when I had also lost hope from myself. My Cholesterol Levels came down within 3months without any medicine and my sleeping patterns also improved. She constantly try to put me off medications just by regulating my diet and exercises. Thank you so much Papiha 🙂🙂