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Veena Choudhary
14 Nov 2023

I recently had the privilege of working with Nitesh, and I must say it was a transformative experience. My fitness coach, Nitesh, is nothing short of exceptional. He possesses an impressive depth of knowledge about exercise, nutrition, and overall well-being, which he tailored to my specific needs and goals. What sets Nitesh apart is his ability to motivate and educate. He created a personalized workout plan that pushed my limits while ensuring I maintained proper form and minimized the risk of injury. His guidance extended beyond the gym, as he provided valuable insights into nutrition, helping me make healthier dietary choices. Nitesh’s approach is not just about physical fitness; he genuinely cares about his clients' overall health. He encouraged me to set realistic, achievable goals and held me accountable, which made a significant change. His dedication to my success, his unwavering support, and his positive attitude were truly inspiring. I not only saw significant improvements in my physical health but also in my mindset and self-confidence. Thanks to Nitesh, I'm on a path to a healthier, happier life.

Dr Purv J Purohit
08 Oct 2023

As John F. Kennedy once said: We must find time to stop and thank the people who make a difference in our lives. That is exactly what I am doing by writing a review for Nitesh. It was back in November of 2022, when I was looking to take my fitness to the next level. As I have an extensive travel job (30-40% of my time), the challenge was to identify a Coach who would understand my lifestyle well and help me with a plan to achieve my goals. That is when I came across Nitesh’s profile. I spoke with him on the phone and the universe said, He is the One! Nitesh himself has a travel job and his transformation is truly inspiring. Now my job was to simply listen to his advice and just keep doing it again and again and again. From last 10 months, the strength level I have achieved is amazing. My weight fluctuates between 69-72 kg, losing fat and slowly building muscle mass. His approach towards lean gaining is fantastic. The way he designs my diet plans, I never get cravings and my strength is going only upwards. The things that I appreciate the most about him are, he patiently listens to all your questions, doubts etc., comes up with very practical advice, explains everything very meticulously and in a very lucid way, he is never in a hurry to wrap up the weekly calls. I was very lucky to have met him personally when he visited Germany for work. The connection and bonding with him has only deepened over time, such that I consider him my Brother. The journey still continues and I am sure that Nitesh will transform me into a completely different personality over time. More power to you Nitesh! Mehnat jari hai 👊 P.S. His knowledge in Fitness is truly remarkable, but he is also a Fashionista, and can also give you great tips on outfits. 😀

Raunak Kapoor
28 Sep 2023

I am thrilled to share my testimonial for Nitesh, a remarkable nutritionist and fitness coach. Nitesh has been instrumental in my weight loss journey, guiding me from 79 kg to 72 kg in just three months. His expertise and support were invaluable. Nitesh's approach is truly exceptional. He simplifies complex nutritional concepts and fitness routines, making them easy to understand and follow. His positive motivation has been a constant source of encouragement, keeping me motivated even on challenging days. What sets Nitesh apart is his straightforward and effective reporting protocol. It simplifies tracking progress, making it effortless to stay on course. My brother also embarked on a fitness journey with Nitesh and lost nearly 20 kg, a testament to Nitesh's exceptional skills. I wholeheartedly recommend Nitesh to anyone looking to transform their health and fitness. His guidance has been life-changing, and I am incredibly grateful for his support on my journey to a healthier me.

Vishal Jaiswal
26 Aug 2023

Hi Nitesh, I know it's a bit late for me to send this message to you, but I would like to thank you for bringing this significant change in my life regarding my understanding of fitness. I am not a perfect person but atleast after fews months of training with you I feel I am a better person now. I have received a lot of compliments regarding my transformation but a loads of compliments regarding my changed attitude towards life. Its something I can feel every now and then. The process of quantified nutrition and consistent workout regime has changed me a lot. I feel that I am in a better position to take day to day actions with clarity in my thoughts. My perspective towards fitness has changed a bit. I have realised the old saying that *A healthy mind resides in a healthy body.* A series of events have happened in last few months after our three months journey: I think I am usually calm while taking decisions, considering the loads of work I have as a business owner of two companies. My family is happy to see the change and I spend more time with them. My business has grown 30% YoY. My company employees and staff are more open to me somehow. I feel extra energy everyday after I workout. Being a foodie I can enjoy all types of food with my limited quantity. I have also been blessed with a baby daughter now and I spend a loads of time with my children too. This Thank You was a long overdue, but better late than never. Thank You for bringing this positive change in my life & Happy Teacher's Day. -- Regards, Vishal