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06 May 2023

Nitesh has been a great coach. He is knowledgeable about diet and workout. Moreover, he’s very honest about how the body works and responds to workout and diet. Nitesh sir doesn’t make false promise of spot reduction like reducing fat from a specific body part, instead he says fat loss will happen all across our body. He doesn’t believe in fast transformation. He would keep taking weekly progress updates and make adjustments in diet/nutrition accordingly. Lucky to have a mentor like him. Lastly, I would like to add that under his fitness program, getting back to shape is like a piece of cake, he makes things so easy for you. I highly recommend him.

Varun Gupta
30 Apr 2023

Nitesh has been a great coach during my transformation journey Best part of him is his knowledge of nutrition and workouts His correct guidance helped me reducing 10 kgs in just 12 weeks He is not in a favor of fast transformation which is absolutely correct fast transformation bounces back quickly as we leave our routine My starting weight was 85 kgs during the period I lost 10 kgs now my weight is 75 that too with reduction in inches form all body parts He has helped me improving my lifestyle and also helped me in improving my sleep cycle I thank him for all his contributions in my transformation . He is great mentor I totally recommend him If someone wants to change to a healthy lifestyle and solid transformation

Drashti Bhatt
24 Jan 2023

Nitesh is amazing coach . I am so fortunate , I was trained under him.My friend suggested him and glad I chose the best teacher. They way he explained the first step about diet and exercise was great. He did make sure I got it correctly . Also, one more thing I wanted to pointed out is we need to submit our exercise and diet status and he did go through every comments everyday which is the best part. Everyday you will get reward if you perform well at the same time if you underperform he motivates you. That helped me a lot . Every status call he listens you and do adjustment accordingly . He always make sure you are doing well with diet chart and exercise. Which is tremendous. Due to his nutritious diet chart and amazing exercise list,lost 12 pound ( around 7 kg) in 12 weeks. Journey still continues under same amazing coach. I enjoyed my journey because of your guidance. Thank you so much Sir helping me to achieve my goal in short time and without any health compromise.

Smita Bhatnagar
23 Jan 2023

#coachmogambo Name- Smita Bhatnagar Age- 44 Before weight- 62 kg Current weight- 56 kg Time taken- 12 weeks Hi friends... Here I would like to share with you a key to good health and fitness. That's our very own Coach Nitesh Dangey. I have been into various fitness activities like yoga, aerobics, swimming, cycling etc for last so many years. All those were helpful and great to keep in positive mindframe but as far weight loss was concerned I couldn't achieve that long awaited desired result with all that. I was following fittr on Facebook for last so many years and kept seeing transformation posts of others. Then on one fine day I decided to give it a shot. Downloaded the fittr app, started reading Coach profiles and got more confused about who should be the right Coach for me. Then purely on my gut feeling I chose Nitesh. At that time slots were not available with him but I waited for slots to open and to begin my fitness journey with him. l must mention it to you that every single week I either lost inches or weight or both. This was incredible and unbelievable even for me because I never experienced such progress out of any fitness program. My coach designed my fitness package so brilliantly that I never starved and never ever felt over exerted at any point of time. Also I would want to mention that during this entire journey of 12 weeks l didn't go to the gym even for a day. My home workout plan given by my coach was capable enough to make me achieve my goal. I will always be grateful to Coach Nitesh Dangey for his contribution in my life. And would soon enroll again with him to take my fitness journey to the next level. Thank you 😊 🙏