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Col Sujit
01 Apr 2023

I was detected with a rare and incurable auto immune disease called Mysthenia gravis is April 2022 and have been on heavy medication, including high dosage steroids ( which causes weight gain). gradually I went into depression and when I was at my lowest, I met a friend and an ex coach of fittr. Soon I decided to join FITTR . after discussions with Niraj, I enrolled under my coach Niraj, who has been the guiding light, motivator and champion in my fitness and wellness journey for 12 weeks and beyond. I followed his instructions blindly and resolved to be very very disciplined to the diet and workout plan. I followed it meticulously every single day and the results were very encouraging. Niraj, my coach and I discussed my goals and I am proud to say that we have exceeded the goals. I dropped from 71.1 kg to 63 in 12 weeks. initially I could barely do resistance training with 3 kg dumbbells, and after 12 weeks I can easily do 7 5 kg. my muscles are strong, lean and supple. I had breathing issues ( because of my disease), which is gone and I can do 15-20 kms cycling smoothly. I have begun jogging and complete 10 kms in 58-60 mins( I am 63 yr old). gradually I will return to my sports routine and intend to continue the diet pattern for life , what Niraj and FITTR has taught me. I now realise how important a measured diet is and should be scientifically designed.... what I have achieved is almost unbelievable and back to teenage days....feels great and wonderful 👍. Niraj is calm and explains the issues very logically, like the difference between GI and GL. Thankyou Niraj, you have been a great coach. To be successful in the transformation journey,bor for that matter in any endeavour, discipline, consistency and patience is vital. results will follow. it is tough to leave sweets, sugar or outside food, but remember HEALTH IS WEALTH

Sneha Thakur
31 Aug 2022

From being a complete beginner, to the process of loving quantified nutrition. From knowing nothing about Transformation challenge, to being in top 250 in TC 15 & top 100 in TC 16,these last 8 months completely transformed me both physically, mentally and also knowledge wise. This would not have been possible without my coach Niraj Verma I was introduced to quantified nutrition.Niraj helped me set up the system where I was able to quantify my food on my busiest days too. This made my journey smooth and easy. In the middle of my journey, Transformation Challenge 15 got announced. I decided to participate in it and informed my coach regarding this.Coach told me, for me you have already won since you decided to participate in it. Now I just want you to compete with yourself and become the best version by the end of the TC journey. I started doing strength training under him for the first time. I also used to send the videos to him & asks for his input and suggestions and he guided me very patiently sometimes by coming on a video call and performing the exercise himself. Quantified nutrition started showing its magic Surprisingly I ended up being in TOP 250 in TC 15. This was my 1st ever TC. I was over the moon. The journey continued and I bagged Top 100 spot in TC 16. From being complete naive to bagging a place in my first two TC's was a very big achievement for me. Thank you for instilling the confidence in me coach. He is very calm and composed on the call. Talking to him makes you feel, he genuinely want to help you. The efforts he has put in my initial days when I was struggling to cope up with the new process was commendable. He patiently answered all my queries, came up with unique ideas when I was struggling, made me realize my mistakes when I was wrong, hand holding me when needed, scolded me when I was being lazy. He will educate you so that you know what you are doing and why it's needed. He has all the attributes a coach should have.

Pradyumn Bajaj
06 Aug 2022

I Lost sustainable 8kgs in 12 week program which is the most amazing thing and that too when you can eat food of your choice. All this was possible because my best decision of joining Fittr under my Coach Niraj Verma Sir. He is very patience and calm throughout the entire fitness journey. He knows the chemistry, anatomy and biology of how body works. He has answer of all my silly question and never stopped to educate me which I wanted in my Getting Fittr journey. Most dedicated person, even you forget to give him update, but he never missed a day asking for update. Very understanding as a coach, as a person and always keep on boosting your confidence. It feels like he is your Physical personal trainer and not online. Thank You so much Niraj Sir for making me passionate about fitness and educating me about calorie counting. This is one coach you will never regret enrolling with.

Karan ardeja
03 Aug 2022

I have known Niraj from earlier fittr days, so i know how much dedicated this guy is and now seeing him as coach on FITTR and doing all the great transformations it just makes my heart go all happy for him. He is a wonderful human being and an excellent coach. I have been associated with fittr from quite a sometime and enrolling under Niraj was the best decision i have made. Perfectionist as a coach, fully dedicated, Keeps calms and answer and explains even the silliest queries with basic examples from our day to day life. He knows his things and understand your problems and provide a logical explanation. I highly recommend Niraj to anyone who wants to be fit and want a healthier lifestyle. Thankyou so much Niraj for being so cooperative and understanding and for always being there like a pillar. If someone is ready to give 100% of their efforts am sure Niraj will make sure to give his 200% to make his mentees goal achievable.