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Nikhil Kassetty


About Me

Namaste, Nikhil Kassetty here. I am an “International Sports Science Association” certified “Specialist in Sports Nutrition” and expert at providing the motivation and focus to successfully achieve your goals. I strongly believe that fitness and nutrition go hand-in-hand. I have over 600 transformations to my name.With my knowledge and experience I will design a diet and exercise plan (including home based workout) that best works with your body type and lifestyle to achieve your goals and live an active lifestyle.I help people focus on healthy eating patterns, clean eating and overcome emotional eating. Fitness is not only about the way you look, it is also very essential for your overall physical and mental health. I believe it is possible to improve your fitness condition at any age . Gear up yourself and start your journey towards a healthier life and better you with smart eating and training. Wish you good luck in achieving your goals. Eat smart and workout hard... Show more



Sports Nutrition course from International Sports Sciences Association.

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