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Annie Rathore
16 Sep 2022

Have thoroughly enjoyed working out with Nikhil. He is very resourceful and plans a great work even if I’m home or traveling. He is great about correcting positions or adjusting the intensity based on my performance. I enjoy coming back for the session every day because I know I will push myself yet not end up doing something wrong and injuring myself (the issue I faced when I trained by myself). I’m also seeing visible changes in my strength and physique.

Monika Pandey
06 May 2022

Nikhil watches every workout keenly and always corrects posture even if there is only a slight deviation from ideal one.Enjoying bthe workout session with Nikhil.Looking fwd to a fitter future.

Ashwini Kanade
13 Apr 2022

Nikhil is an amazing coach. He is very patient with me. He is a very good motivator. He works around my abilities but also pushes me to do more. I couldn’t have asked for a better coach. I’m very grateful to Nikhil!!!

Amit Mahale
24 Jan 2022

Amazing is the right word for Nikhil. He is very knowledgeable about exercises, which muscle group to hit and drives the workout pretty well. Focusses completely only you during the call and checks and corrects for form or any challenge you might have. Walks you through each exercise and has attention to detail when you are doing it. Explains benefits of the exercise and which muscle group to focus on. I have been exercising for a few years but still learnt a lot, so would recommend to anyone either starting off or experienced working out with weights. Nikhil also altered the exercises to home or gym as the need be, Overall 100% recommended