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Shilpi Awasthi
29 Feb 2024

Nehal’s yoga session is very effective and best for those who actually want to do yoga.. earlier I used to attend many yoga classes but I didn’t understand the importance of breathing exercise in yoga, but after taking her yoga sessions…I felt that despite of proper asana posture, control &hold ur breathing correctly is also very important part of yoga. And of course with her guidance I loose some inches & gaining flexibility 💪🏻.

Yogitha Reddy
29 Feb 2024

Nehal instructions are very clear, she has great grasp of nuances in Yoga. She is also great with strength training. I would say having her as personal trainer is one of the best I did for myself so far, I really look forward to our workouts even when she tortures me. 😉 She understands the body needs and gives enough challenge to work with. I would highly recommend her!

Archana Bamal
31 Jan 2024

Nehal,deserves high praise on the fittr. Her extensive knowledge shines through as she tailors workouts to individuals, making each session unique. Nehal's accommodation and strong communication foster a positive learning environment. Her motivational approach makes the journey enjoyable and rewarding. Highly recommended for a personalized and fun fitness experience!

Priyanka Awale
16 Dec 2023

I have been taking sessions with Nehal for 5 months. She has a very good knowledge of asana and movement.she is a yoga teacher but she also has good knowledge of strength training.she takes various types of exercises with all level of difficulty. I can see improvement in my stamina & core.I am enjoying my sessions with her.Thank you Nehal Mam..😊