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kavya my
31 May 2023

I have worked with Neema for 6 months and I had a great experience with her. She is a fantastic mentor and great motivator for me. I used do my workouts and follow diet plans but was lacking in consistency. After i enroll with Neema, she would follow up with me regularly and kept on encouraging me to keep going on. I used to feel energised after every chat with her, which motivated me to keep up with my fitness journey and inturn helped me to improve my physical health and mental well being. Also, She guided me on how to maintain consistency and continue with my fitness journey. There were times when I was unable to follow the diet plan but she was always positive and guide me how to tackle those situations and motivated me to believe in myself. She is just not a great coach but every supportive, kind, an amazing friend with lot of patience. We definately share a great bond and I am really very happy that i enrolled with Neema. Thank you for all your support and guidance Neema😊 All the very best to you and your family!!

Shambhavi Pandey
17 May 2023

Neema is a fantastic coach. She's very understanding of your daily schedule and tailors the diet and training plans accordingly. Her accountability checks work well. She's very approachable and makes you feel very comfortable to voice your concerns, which is a big consideration especially if you're new to working out. It's been a pleasure working with her!

Nagasailaxmi Vandanam
11 May 2023

Neema is a great motivator and inspiring coach. She makes me feel more comfortable to discuss regarding anything without any hesitation. I see lot of improvents and feel confident about my body. She listen to me very patiently and answers all my questions. Thank you Neema.

03 May 2023

I wanted to express my gratitude for all the work you've done with me over the past 3 months. Your expertise and guidance have been instrumental in helping me to make positive changes to my diet and overall health. I appreciate the time you've taken to educate me about proper nutrition, and your willingness to answer all of my questions and concerns. You've helped me to develop healthier habits and to feel more confident in my ability to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Thank you Neema !!