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09 Dec 2022

Neema didi is an amazing coach ❤️ . She carefully listened to everything I used to say and always cleared my doubts . She's very polite and her diets are simple and doable . She's a great motivator. When I stared my body fat percentage was around 35 percent now am at 30 percent . I lost around 3-4 kgs in 3 months but it was just fat and not just weight. I lost soo many inches my clothes fit better , everyone asks me now how i did it and i get soo many compliments on my fatloss. I am sharing this feedback quite late but I can even a tiny bit of definition on arms. Initially working out was just for losing weight but now it's kind of a lifestyle for me and i truly enjoy doing it . I am really lucky that she coached me. My overall relationship with food and my body confidence is soo much better than it used to be . I still remember i was very hesitant about taking a coach because my experience prior to this with a coach was really bad and I was kind of scared. But I can tell this was the best decision I took soo far in my fitness journey. I still have a long way to go . But I can't wait to again get coached by her . I truly adore her soo much✨❤️. Thank you soo much Neema didi ❤️

P Ahir
27 Oct 2022

Neema is an excellent coach. My husband and I enrolled with a couple plan and are very happy with the results. Neema explains everything in detail and monitors progress without fail. The best progress for me was that I've started having less painful and more regular periods. My strength and stamina has also increased. Neema is very polite and a very good listener. we both had deviations due to work or some other commitments and Neema guided throughout to come back on track. She made alterations to the diets based on the progress and we did not feel like we missed out on eating anything. Thanks a lot Neema. we both wish you all the best and will continue to follow the plan and the routine in the future too.

Ramakrishna Acharya
18 Oct 2022

Neema is an excellent coach, I always presumed I could lose weight by just jogging & cycling, but did not lose an kilo. That is when I enrolled into Fittr and Neema has helped me in my weight loss & fitness journey. She always kept me motivated and followed up on all my concerns. She is a patient listener, very accommodating & Knowledgeable. I lost around 6-7 kilos in 3 months. Will continue to workout and follow the same plan till I reach my goal. Thank You Very Much Neema.

Ankur Tailang
03 Sep 2022

Neema is an amazing coach. She helped me on my weight loss and fitness journey and always motivated me to do more and not give up. She is so accommodating, patient listener and knowledgeable. Many times I had deviations in my journey but she never gave up on me and consistently kept boosting me. She connected with me weekly and made sure I never starved for food, her nutrition plan worked really well so that I was always in best of my energy. Got compliments from many people after my weight loss which helped boost my confidence. lost 4.5 Kgs in this journey and now the fitness routine has become a lifestyle. my only feedback would be that you are super talented so you need to brand yourself little more and inspire others through your journey by posting some content for FITTR community, i am looking forward to that. Thanks so much Neema.