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Pre & Post Natal Training
Pawan Gupta
03 Mar 2023

Before starting yoga with Neema I had severe lower back pain for the past 5 years. I tried Physical therapy sessions but always had some back pain all the time and was sessions were very tiresome and I always felt sore muscles. When I started yoga with Neema, she put me on a much less steep curve. The sessions were refreshing and within one month I started feeling much better. Though I was not consistently attending sessions due to a hectic work schedule and was missing a lot, in about three months I felt complete relief- zero back pain. Also, whenever I was missing classes, she was encouraging and pushed me to find some time to do yoga sessions with her for my own betterment and she is flexible with time when needed.

27 Feb 2023

I've trained with Neema for more than 6 weeks now and think she is amazing. She curates every session according to my needs and how I feel. Thanks to my sessions with her, my stamina and energy levels have improved. Emotionally as well, I feel stronger and lighter. A session with her at the start of the day is enough to set me up for an intense day at work. With every session, I feel motivated to get better and better. I try my hardest to not miss my sessions and so, she is very accommodating with the timings in case I'm unable to work out during my regular slot. I must also add that Neema is very caring and gentle during and beyond our training session. She really cares about the wellbeing of her clients and does her best to ensure they can keep up with the exercises. So I recommend Neema for all of the above reasons for anyone wanting to kickstart their fitness journey, and build confidence in their ability to be and stay fit and healthy. Thank you for everything, Neema! I'm grateful to have you as my trainer ❤️

Bonika Juneja
17 Aug 2022

Neema is everything you would need in your trainer. I thought rheumatoid wouldnt let me live but she proved me all wrong. Her sessions are beyond perfect! Her understanding of Yoga, Pilates and many more exercise forms will leave anyone gobsmacked. She has not only helped me look beyond my pain but I have finally come to enjoy moving everyday. Her composure, warmth and sheer genuiness about helping her clients makes her stand out. She is well and truly a legend! Thank you Neema

Binita Barai
28 Jul 2022

Neema’s sessions are pure magic for me! No matter how light or how intense, her sessions are always so soothing mentally, emotionally, and physically, and I have come out stronger and better in all 3 aspects thanks to Neema. I always look forward to the sessions and consider them a real treat and break from life’s stresses - they are my gift to myself. I also have to mention that Neema is very flexible and understanding that I am a working mother of 2 children with no outside help and that my schedule is often chaotic, so she is understanding from a scheduling standpoint (especially given our time difference since I’m located in the States), but also in knowing the kind of stress I need to tackle through our sessions. I have lower back issues and yoga with Neema has also been great in helping to strengthen my back, increase flexibility, as well as in helping me to lose weight (which also helps me back), which can feel impossible at the age of 41. She truly knows what she’s doing, but is also approachable when it comes to receiving feedback if you feel it’s needed. Communication lines are always open. I highly recommend signing up with her!!