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14 Mar 2023

very nice

Archana Singh
10 Feb 2023

नीलम जी एक बेहतरीन कोच हैं। मैंने वजन घटाने के लिए हर तरीका आज़माकर देख लिए था लेकिन वो फिर बढ़ जाता था। weakness भी बहुत हो जाता था। नीलम जी के under enroll करने से पहले मेरे पैरों में swelling और भारीपन रेहता था। चलना और सीढ़ियां चढ़ना भी नहीं हो पाता था। लेकिन अब मैं सब कर पाती हूँ। नीलम जी का समझाने का तरीका बहुत ही easy है। इतना ही नहीं मैं workout भी कर पाती हूँ। सबसे अच्छी बात की diet के बारे मे ज्यादा सोचना पड़ता क्योंकि ये वहीं चीजें diet मे डालती हैं जो मुझे पसंद हो और मैं आसानी से बना सकूँ। thank you नीलम जी, मुझे वापस healthy करने के लिए !!!

Debarati Das
20 Dec 2022

After trying to loose weight by possibly all the means, i joined fittr under coach Neelam Singh. I have PCOD , which already made me difficult to loose the extra kilos , to that added my pregnancy weight. Over the past 2 years , i realised that I have not only become obese but always low on energy, which made my daily chores all the way more difficult plus managing a 2 year old , who is hyper active. Then Neelam ji came to my rescue. I have trained under her for 3 months , that too with lots of cheat meals and days when I had to discontinue gym as my daughter was unwell and hospitalized, still i managed to loose 4-5 kgs. It was only possible due to Neelam's constant push and support. There were days when I almost gave up but she never stopped motivating me. I had to discontinue due to some personal issues but i will enroll again with Neelam. The way she explains things makes it more simpler whether it is the exercise or the diet chart. Love the fact, when she said "u can have icecream too, just let me know when u feel like and I will let u know the quantity". Just 4 kgs might sound silly to others , but it was an achievement for me as i had never lost weight and only gained in last 10 years. Thank u so much Neelam ji , now i know that i CAN get fit.

04 Nov 2022

Neelam has been an excellent coach. Life happens and she understands. She works with the busy schedule her clients have and is kind enough to extend the plan even though we miss the diet. She just wants what’s best for the client. She is gentle and firm at the same time. I recommend working sincerely with her and you will get the results. Thanks Neelam!