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Greetings I am Navdeep Chawla, your general well being and fitness coach. I specialize in Fat-loss, Postpartum - weight loss, general wellbeing, bodybuilding, and aesthetics. I have ten years of lifting experience and I have been working with Squats as a fitness coach for almost three years. I come from an average family, lost my father when I was in grade sixth. I had been an introvert child throughout my life. I have been a fat kid who was body shamed. I took it casually in front of my friends, while I have had these scars left with me always. I started gymming in class 11th, with no knowledge, continued it while I pursued my engineering. While my friends were enjoying the eat outs and parties I struggled to seek my dream physic avoid all sorts of outside food, still no luck. I got recruited by an MNC in September 2007, started my IT carrier. I worked as a pig day and night for MNC’s like Hexaware, TCS, Capgemini, and HCL. I pursued IT for almost ten years, lived in the USA for a couple of years. I was making good money, well settled in my life, happily married to my beautiful wife, but the scars from my childhood about my body shaming always made me uncomfortable. I couldn’t do anything about it, I had liabilities, had to support my parents, monthly house bills, my wife and what not. Everyone has aspirations so did I, once while buying a health insurance policy, spoke to the agent where he denied to accept thyroid reimbursements for my wife. He mentioned diabetics, PCOD, thyroid, Cholesterol High blood pressure are lifestyle disorders and won’t be covered. I was earning good so I didn't mind buying meds every month for my wife. This incident immediately stuck my mind and reminded me of what I always wanted to be. I started to search for health and nutrition on Facebook. I came across SQUATS. I saw JC’s profile and was so impressed to see his journey, the transformations and the knowledge he was spreading. The best thing that struck me was he was from an IT background too, pursuing his dreams and was living one. I met him in Delhi, was lucky enough to be trained by him, and transformed completely in twelve weeks. He made me believe it’s possible. This was just a start. We spoke about our experiences, I was so impressed by the thought of making fifty million people fit, pursued certifications mentioned in ( achievements ) under his guidance. I wanted to bring the change and I did, I have not compromised my lifestyle in terms of finances to date. I earn well, eat right, dress well, and save very well. The most important thing that happened to me is I pursued stability and peace of mind when i chose nutrition and fitness as a carrier. What's stopping you. - Few of my Achievements : 1. ISSA (International Sports Science Association) - Certified coach. 2. INFS - Expert. 3. SBS - Shredded by Science Nutrition and Training coach. 4. Certified Pregnancy Fitness Coach. (Post Partum Weight loss Expert ) 5. Exercise Selection, Regression, Progressions, Injury Management. 6. Habit-based coach. 7. Upper and lower body progression based Training - Expert. 8. Specialised in diabetic both type 2 and 1, PCOD, thyroid and other hormonal imbalance and their control. I expertise in customizing your diet if you have one of the following conditions and recommend the best options IBS Hypothyroid. Hypertension PCOS/ PCOD Diabetics Cholesterol issues. Nutrition and training needs of adolescent and elderly population. - I know that if we prioritize health first, we are going to able enough to deal with all of it in a much better way. - I believe inhabit based coaching because the lifestyle is nothing but a set of habits that you develop over time. I intend to shift your focus to some really useful habits that lead to a healthier lifestyle. - I also intend to educate you about nutrition and fitness as you take this journey with me so that one day you depend on no one but yourself to stay fit and healthy. - I am not selling anything here, if you are keen and believe the fact I mention, you can choose me as your coach. So, cheers to a fitter, better and smarter version of you! I would love to hear from you about your goals and wish to roadmap them, feel free to dm or mail me at Dm @ my what’s app - 8882699916 Fittr | Bettr | Smarttr... Show more


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