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INFS certified Nutrition and Fitness Consultant

Certified in Science of Exercise by University of Colorado Boulder and Nutrition and Lifestyle in Pregnancy by Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (LMU) offered through Coursera



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Sushma Prakash
19 Sep 2023

In the journey towards better health and well-being, Coaches play a pivotal role, guiding us with their expertise and insights. As we embark on a path of mindful eating and improved lifestyle choices, expressing gratitude becomes essential Hi Namratha you have made such an incredible difference in past six months of my life. You helped me realize that if I am committed to something, there is nothing that will stop me from achieving what I want to achieve. Thank you for helping me get on track with my health and wellness goals and inspiring me to be all that I can be! I think all of us would agree that it is not easy sticking to working out consistently especially after having kids. Somehow, no matter how hectic life gets or my motivation is lacking, I know that our weekly call was worth it because they provide me with energy throughout the week & keep me healthy & strong so I can take on anything! Thank you for being flexible enough to work around my schedule and also to clarify my silliest doubts in this on going Journey.

Ranjani Ravi Nandan
11 Sep 2023

Namratha is an inspiring coach with a lot of knowledge and understanding of our needs. she has been very supportive and motivating me on every step which has helped me to consistently lose weight and feel active and energized. Although going through a bout of sickness , the diet prescribed by her is helping me get better sooner and try light workouts while hitting the gym in between. thanks very much for being there for me Namratha! Highly recommend her !!

Supriya Marathe
08 Sep 2023

Namrata has been a wonderful coach. Motivating me to stick to my diet even when it was hard. Reassuring that injuries are a part of life and we can continue the journey and not lose gains just because we have an injury. She gave alternatives for training and diet so that I could stick to the plan better and was extremely approachable whenever I needed help. I would highly recommend her!!

Ashwini Malgi
10 Jul 2023

Namrata is super helpful and accessible. She has transformed my thought process when it comes to weight training, eating better and being more agile. I have lost quite a few inches but what really motivates me to continue doing better is that I know I can achieve the desired results for my health and well being now more than ever. During my 12 weeks plan I also touched my lowest weight on scale in the past 5 years. Onwards and upwards with Namrata for another 24 weeks! :) A big thank you!