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Arpit Narendra
07 Jan 2023

Nagaraju was my coach for 6 mo from Jul to Dec-22. During this period, I was able to lose 10.5kg and reach a body fat % of ~15%. I also notice that my vitals like BP and resting heart rate have dropped a few points into the optimal range. These facts aside, it was a pleasure to work with him as I never had to change my diet too much (which makes me believe I can sustain this). He was super organized with timely reminders & tips. He never got frustrated when progress was sometimes slow and was always considerate of work related challenges that sometimes hamper your fitness efforts. Absolutely recommended!

Sangeetha N
28 Nov 2022

Nagaraju was super helpful right from the start. He has been a huge motivation to me in this journey and I saw real results. Not only did I lose weight, I started gaining muscles and getting healthier by the day! He helped me understand so much about nutrition and fitness, my sincere gratitude to him 😇🙏

Pradyumna Satapathy
20 Nov 2022

Nagraj is absolutely wonderful human being first and a friend coach who understands your weaklinks and push you swiftly without you realizing. You achieve things he feels happy and motivating further. My heartfelt gratitude to him for introducing me to real fitness world

Dheeraj Vuppala
19 May 2022

Nagaraju is the best coach and he always motivates you to push forward to achieve your goals and his diet plan worked our very well and I am very happy with the progress.