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Sheetal Santosh
18 Mar 2023

Muzammil, is a great coach. Knowledgeable, kind, soft spoken, has great patience, still assertive, he is always there to listen to you. He is just a msg away if you have any query. I love his knowledge about work out. Answer all the queries. He is been my coach for the last 9 months, long way to go. He knows what he is doing, just trust your coach. Fittr has been a blessing to get such wonderful coaches. God bless you Muzammil 😊

Dr Chetan Singh
05 Dec 2022

Muzammil is a knowledgeable coach, knowledge about nutrition is at par, he knows the scientific basis fr every diet modification, this is his usp. Everything is good about him, only point which i felt needs improvement is communication, its difficult to contact him, you have to chase him to get a response, which i feel is the most important aspect of this app based fitness regime.

Achyut Pareek
19 May 2022

Muzammil is not just a fitness coach. He's a great lifestyle coach! I've been working with Muzammil since the start of the year and he's been the best support system I could've asked for. I have dropped more than 15 kgs with visible positive changes in my health and overall lifestyle. 1. We have consistent weekly check-ins where he lays down the plan for the journey ahead and factors in any special occasion or travel plan that might affect our transformation journey. 2. The workouts are fun and intensive. Very rarely have I spent more than 60 minutes training and yet, the results are pretty great. 3. The philosophies and science backed approach Muzammil takes is at par with the best global fitness standard bearers like Dr. Layne Norton! 4. Lastly, he makes sure to give a reality check whenever I strayed off the planned road. This is just the beginning, coach!

Mohit Bagla
19 May 2022

1. Good knowledge of fitness 2. Have transformed himself and hence he is aware of the journey 3. He guides in a friendly manner 4. only problem is that he won't be following up regularly and you will have chase him for getting help