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25 Apr 2023

I am delighted to share my experience of starting my fitness journey with Coach Munmun from November 2022 onwards. Despite falling sick a couple of times, Coach Munmun was always supportive and helped me set up the right diet plan and flexible workout patterns to achieve my fitness goals. With her guidance, I reduced 5kgs (from 65kgs to 60kgs) even though I was irregular with my diet and training due to my sickness. From April 2023 onwards, I was finally able to stay consistent with my fitness routine, and Coach Munmun played a significant role in pushing me to explore my full potential. Every other day, I exceeded my fitness benchmarks, and my track record improved by the day. Her unwavering support and customized guidance have transformed fitness into a natural way of life for me. I am grateful to be coached by Munmun, and I highly recommend her to anyone seeking a dedicated and supportive trainer who can provide customized guidance and support. Her expertise has played a significant role in my fitness journey, and I plan to continue with her in the future.

Shreya Shaily
27 Jan 2023

It's my 2nd tenure with Munmun and I look to carry it further. I have been getting really good results and above all, the kind of support and guidance my coach has provided is something worth commendable. My profile being a crew is quite challenging from a diet and training perspective with regular flying and sleep getting disrupted, however my coach understands this very well and has been great with helping me with feasible plans that i can follow along with flexibility. Thank you Munmun for the guidance and I would really recommend her.

kala R
25 Nov 2022

I started my Fittr journey with Munmun in Aug 2022. I have lost 23 lbs (10.5 kgs) in 12 weeks! This would not have been possible without a proper diet and workout plan set by Munmun. She has been a wonderful coach guiding through and motivating me to do better every day. Her weekly check in has always been a trigger for me to do better. She understands individual strengths and weaknesses and works around it to motivate one to succeed in their goals. Thanks Munmun for your continued support and inspiration🙏🏼☺️. I highly recommend Munmun for anyone who is looking for a successful Fittr journey.

Laxmi Ganage
20 Sep 2022

I have registered my mother for fitness program. she is having difficulties in her day to day life activities because of high weight. my mom got weakness when she did not eat properly but Mam understand the situation and given the proper diet so she did not feel any weakness in her diet journey. Munmun mam helps us to understand the diet and exercise very well. she always motivate my mother to do the exercises regularly. Mam continuously checked progress tracker and give update like what to do next, how to do. my mom was able to reduce her weight from 80kg to 69kg with proper diet and exercise. At last I really like to thank Munmun mam for being supportive. Best of luck. I will highly recommend Munmun mam for fitness program.