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Mradul Goel


About Me

Hey , I am Mradul Goel , A certified Nutrition and Fitness consultant by Institute of Nutrition and Fitness Sciences (INFS). Its been few years since I have been guiding and helping people around me to achieve their fitness goals and educating them about how important it is to follow a healthy lifestyle, you can take a look at some of the transformations of my clients. I have trained people with different goals in past like fat loss and muscle building in which I specialize. I was always a fat guy with a very unhealthy lifestyle who used to eat a lot of junk and that too on a regular basis with zero physical activity, after which health problems were obvious and i was diagnosed with very high Insulin levels at the age of 20. In fact my doctor told me if it'll go like this you'll be diabetic very soon and who wants to be a diabetic in his/her early 20's or ever in his/her life, that is when my fitness journey started and I started reading about nutrition sciences. I am a strong believer in science and logical thinking and that is how I train my clients. I have inspired a lot of people around me to follow a healthy lifestyle and have helped them in the process which brings me immense joy. We all start from zero and if you are here and reading this I am sure you are somewhere related to fitness. Fitness for me is never a short term thing , there is no shortcut to that , It is a lifestyle and let me help you make it better in a correct way. You are not alone in this journey. So, lets start today and conquer the world. It is about becoming stronger together.... Show more


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