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Shivam Mishra
24 Nov 2023

Rehan is a very hard working and honest coach and k am so happy I started my fitness journey with him. Being obese has its own challenges when it comes to embarking on fat-to-fit journey but Rehan has been a great motivator and I could not do without him. The past two months with him has been very great. Rehan encourages to do workout with what I have rather than shopping for expensive stuff! I would rather invest that money in retaining a coach like him over buying expensive instrument. I look forward to resuming my journey with him soon.

20 Nov 2023

I have been training with Rehan for a year. During this period, I experienced an accident and underwent physical therapy. Rehan played a crucial role in enhancing my strength and flexibility. His deep understanding of the human muscular system allowed him to tailor my training sessions for optimal results. He’s consistently reliable and pleasure to work with. I strongly recommend Rehan to anyone looking for an effective trainer!

vamsidhar kella
07 Aug 2023

I have been training with rehan for past 3 months and the progress is great so far. I highly recommend rehan. Thank you Rehan for the keeping consistency in my workouts plan.

Harish Chandran
14 Apr 2023

I have been training with Rehab for many months now. He is very consistent and works on slowly improving my strength and flexibility. I feel a lot stronger and fitter. He is also very good at using the minimal setup I have at home and yet doing so many variations of the same workout that I feel that all the parts of the body are getting a very good workout