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Sneha Mishra
26 Jul 2023

I was coached by Mishleen for 12 weeks and lost 8 kgs. I am grateful to her and fittr to help me in a long term way, so much so that I enjoy working out and cooking healthy meals. My overall physical and mental well being has improved drastically due to the program. She tailored the workouts and diets around my schedule and dietary preferences and surprisingly made the weight loss journey enjoyable. She is an expert in her trade and keeps you motivated throughout. Goodluck to Mishleen and Fittr!!

06 Apr 2023

Training with Mishleen has been the turning point in my fitness journey. I met her during that period in my life when I was following my own crash diet which was flawed at all levels. She made me understand the importance of eating correct and well, the role protein has in our fitness, and the importance of strength training. The plan she created for me was such that I never felt I'm on a diet. Any questions you have, one ping and she is happily ready to answer you. She explains everything in detail that you would be ending the conversation with a new set of knowledge. When I told her I have no knowledge about strength training, she took time to make me understand about it - the posture, the breathing and the form. She motivates us to be consistent. The end result for me was great and satisfactory. Anyone looking to embark on a fitness journey without wanting to feel you are on a diet, Mishleen is the person for you.

Oommen Philip Modayil
30 Mar 2023

I had the pleasure of training under the fantastic fitness coach Mishleen. She was incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about her work. She was able to customize my workout routine to my individual needs and goals She took the time to really understand my fitness level, my strengths and weaknesses, and my goals, and then created a program that was perfect for me. She was always available to answer questions and provide guidance along the way, and her encouragement and support helped me to stay motivated and focused. I would highly recommend her as a fitness coach to anyone looking to achieve their fitness goals. she is a true professional and an absolute pleasure to work with.

21 Mar 2023

I was introduced to fittr a few years back but like many, I was just a silent admirer until my sister suggested that I enroll with fittr..And thats when I came across Mishleen and instantly felt as if am going to be in safe hands and enrolled myself..I have been on this great ride with Mishleen for 6 months now and have lost around 11+ kgs and good amount of inches and the journey continues... Mishleen has been a constant support and a superb coach in all aspects. She has been v patient with someone like me who keeps deviating from the goal...Everytime she say koi baat nahin hotha hai...and she gets me back on track..She has always kept my needs in mind and I have actually never felt that am missing on anything as I eat almost everything..Of course, in a well designed diet plan made as per my needs and requirements be it while am travelling or ramadan..She explained me the importance of quantified nutrition and strength training and made me realise that although weight loss is imp its not everything.. consistency is the key and answers every single query I have with utmost patience.She's always available a msg away and the accountability factor always keeps me motivated though I have my off days as well..But that's k.. Mishleen made me realise how self appreciation and acknowledging ones efforts is what makes us strive to do better..Her positively, straightforward attitude, motivation and her knowledge about food myths have helped me a great deal and cleared many misconceptions I've had about food and diet..I look ffd to reaching more milestones with Mishleen and would definitely recommend her to anyone who wishes to be a better version of themselves. Thanks a zillion Mishleen..and thanks for keeping up with me always..