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27 Apr 2023

I enrolled for a 3 months plan under Megha & I lost 5 kgs in 3 month. Megha is cool,understanding& motivating. Good to have coach like Megha .

Amol Agarwal
17 Apr 2023

Megha was my coach for 12 weeks program. I must say she prove me wrong with the thought that a virtual trainer wouldn't be the best choice. She is a dedicated person which helped me to induce & bring back the zeal for workout in me!! That is the best thing a trainer can do & she did it smoothly. She is approachable, knowledgeable & cooperative as well. Kudos to her work & best wishes. The best thing is that I am still in touch with her. Coachs like her have built my trust more in the online fitness world. Thanks you Megha

20 Feb 2023

I had a great experience with Megha on my weight gain journey. I enrolled with her initially for 3 months. She helped me with the diet plan and the home workouts. She was really patient to understand my need and curate the diet plan according to my choice, flexibility and my comfort. She never hesitated to change the diet plans when i asked her to modify it. She was extremely professional and sincere in following up with the progress and really motivated when there was some discontinuity in the routine. She always had an instant alternative for each and every food in the diet chart when I tell her I’m not able to finish up with certain food or according to our plan on some days. She will give a instant but a practically possible alternative and solution. She was really keen in making sure I was comfortable with the diet plan and the workouts. I really developed an interest in fitness and being toned off late. The credit definitely goes to a good coach like her. I have put on 4.25 kgs from 40 to 44.25 after enrolling with her for 6 months. I should definitely say my appetite has improved a lot and also an habit of not skipping my meals has become an healthy routine after I joined into this weight gain journey with her. She also helped me search with gyms and enquired for the same and she did tell me what all exercises I need to do. That was really sweet of her. She made sure I sent her pics of the foods I had each day and kept a track of it. I felt consistency, positive motivation and good coach are the most important factors that plays a key role for weight gain and anything for that matter. She made sure she justified 100% to the commitment. Now I understand my body and as to what it needs and how an healthy lifestyle can change the person inside out, in terms of both mental and physical well being. I’m extremely happy and she will definitely be my evergreen coach once again after I resume for my weight maintenance as well.

Nilam Rana
26 Jan 2023

I had great experience with Megha on my weight loss journey. She was very patient, approachable and flexible in adjusting the diet plan and exercise routine. I had struggle with my weight loss for years but her approach made it easier and helped to increase my mobility after knee injury.