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Shivani Devoor
03 Apr 2023

Meenu is an excellent coach. I have been training with her for 3 months now and she has the perfect strength training workout plan for me. She has encouraged me to increase my weights progressively and even tells me on how to go about cardio. My postures haven been very good since I have started working out with her and I have had no injuries. I love my workout sessions with Meenu :-)

Bhumika Parikh
27 Jul 2022

Coach Meenu is very flexible in her approach. She adds many variations for the same muscles group to make it more challenging and interesting. She has very good knowledge as she focuses on the correct form and repetitions. I am very thankful to her to teach me different exercises. My cardio strength has also improved a lot along with the strength training . My overall experience for the last 3 months was very satisfactory.

17 Jun 2021

I have been working out with Meenu for the past 5 weeks and I can honestly say I haven't had a better trainer and that's saying a lot as I have been through my fair share of personal trainers! Meenu is an excellent coach and tailors the workouts to fit your needs and goals. She is also flexible with her timings and yet super disciplined and it has helped me also achieve some workout discipline in my life! I have not missed a single workout from the past 5 weeks and I don't remember ever being this consistent with my workouts. She listens to our feedback regarding what kind of workouts are more fun and she comes up with new exercises to challenge in each session. I feel like she has found my pulse perfectly on how much to push me to get better each day. She is energetic throughout the workout, focuses on your form, always asks for feedback after each workout whether you felt the right muscle during the workout to avoid injuries. All of these are a sign of an excellent trainer. She also keeps a track of what exercises you've been doing (tailored to you personally) and she also regularly checks in to ask if I am following my diet correctly. She asks for my measurements each week and what's to say, I have lost quite a few inches and my old clothes are fitting again even though I have a long way to go! I am so so glad I found her and now my goals also seem easier and more achievable! I couldn't recommend her enough! She's great! 😁

Gina Zhu
26 Feb 2021

Fabulous and flexible! Way to go! She will push me and enjoy working out with her! Missed the rooster 🐔 morning call!!