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Dhara Patel
22 Mar 2023

I tried so many thing to get in certain weight or healthy weight we can call, I failed miserably in anyway but Mayank’s guidance and encouragement and expertise made my journey easy to loose 6 to 7 pounds in just a 2 month span, He has been giving proper attention and guidance to me when I had any questions regarding diet plant or any nutritional issues. I only want to say Thank you for all your support throughout this journey Mayank.

21 Mar 2023

I enrolled under Mayank twice now and my fitness journey with him has been so enriching and fulfilling. He is a great listener, understands your requirements and then prepares a plan which hardly feels like a diet. He also motivated and encouraged me with the workouts whenever I felt like giving up. Thank you Mayank not only for the weight & inches lost but also for explaining me the science behind quantitative diet and strength training. Highly recommend to enrol under him and head on to your fitness journey.

Sanket Dedhia
06 Mar 2023

I had the pleasure of working with Mayank for the past 2.5 months, and I cannot recommend his services enough! Thanks to his expert guidance and personalized workout plan, I was able to lose almost 5 kgs and several inches off my waist and chest while gaining a good amount of muscle. Not only did Mayank provide me with challenging and effective exercises, but he also educated me on proper nutrition to support my fitness goals. He was always flexible to work with, supportive, encouraging, and genuinely invested in my success.

Kalpana Tripathi
17 Jan 2023

i was stuck at a constant weight for a long time. With Mayank the diet has become so easy to follow. I saw a gradual decrease in my weight.He includes your favourite food in your diet while maintaining calorie deficit He is also extremely patient with you despite your inconsistent.Overall I am glad i decided to enroll under Mayank and you shouldn't hesitate too Thanku you ❤️