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Sakshi Karwa
08 Aug 2023

I have never seen a teacher so calm and composed like Mayank. He has been my driving force and a great source of motivation throughout my fitness journey :) One fine day after gaining so much of extra kilos during the covid phase, i realised its high time i should start taking care of myself. I started with brisk walk and some sort of fad diet and was able to lose 3-4kgs on my own and then as usual i was bored of the routine and went back to my regular lifestyle. I then enrolled under Coach Mayank. I was looking for someone who can bring me back on track as soon as i deviate from my goal and yeah he was the best fit. After i enrolled, the first thing i asked him was “Can i ever see 50s on my weighing scale as i had never touched 50s ever in my journey ?” And just one thing he said - “Trust me and the process and you will achieve your goal. Just Be consistent”. And yesssssss i did ! I lost around 6-7kgs under his guidance with highly noticeable inch loss. It was a journey of almost 7-8 months with him but the results were amusing and the process soon became a lifestyle. Thank you coach for everything ! It was like a dream come true to see myself in one of the best version i could ever be. The best thing was i enjoyed the process cum lifestyle which i used to feel no less than a punishment earlier :)

14 Jul 2023

I tried so many things like exercise and strict diets for weightloss, but resulted in nothing. My condition was like I used to get tired very soon and no energy to do much of work by the end of the day. I was also discouged by people around me saying that loosing weight after giving birth to a birth is impossible. On my friend's advice I checked this app and I enrolled under Mayank based on my requirements. My journey started not only on weight loss but also strength training. Mayank asked regarding what I regularly eat and prepared my diet plans based on that. He gave an insight on diet that it is not eating less but eating right. The diet plan prepared by Mayank had everything that I eat daily in right amount plus more of protein. He also mentioned that this journey has no "magic mantra", you should follow everything without fail. Even after starting the journey i was discouraged. When shared with Mayank regarding this, he encouraged me saying that I will see visible differences and assured me the same. Though many times i have failed to keep up with the diet plan, Mayank with patience encouraged me to follow it. He cleared all my doubts and answered all my questions. When I started my journey I was 65.6kg and today i am 59.8kgs. Not only that I lost my weight but now I have stamina to walk and to do any work. Those around me who discouraged me are the ones who are now telling me that I have lost weight and in good health and have stamina. I am happy😊. Thanks to fittr app. Special thanks to Mayank for his guidance and support.

Saroj Rattan
13 Jul 2023

hello guys..I felt this was good journey.i was injured I am in transferable job but still corporated me a lot. He gave me very good exercise. Despite my injury, he gave me good exercise and made me physically fit,Mayank is a reliable and good coach, Thank you mayank ji

01 Jul 2023

Actually… 5 ⭐️ Are Too Less Here . I have been & Still With Mayank For Quite Some Time Now . He Is Just A Very Good Human Being. Before Starting With Every New Diet Plan , He Will Ask Us Regd Changes To Be Made & Anything New We Need To Add To the Diet Plan & Accordingly He Will Make our Plan Mayank Iz Alwayz Just A Call / Msg Away For Me He Will keep Motivating Us Through Out The Week & Take Feedback in Midweek Too From Us Regd Howz The Workout & Diet Going On . Irrespective of the Coach etc 😊 He Has Become & V Good Friend . I have lost Quite Amount of Weight & Reduced in Inches Too …. All Coz Of Ur Plan 😊👍💪🏻💪🏻 Thanks Mayank , For Everything That You are Doing . God Bless u Alwayz .