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Sudarshan Sathyanarayanan
21 Nov 2023

Mathan is an extremely dedicated and knowledgeable coach. I took a 6 month package with him initially and I just renewed it. I must say that it is the best decision I have taken with regards my fitness journey. My fitness level at the moment is the best I have had so far and I should thank Mathan for it. I had tried to do this myself earlier and I couldn't. I have reduced about 17 pounds in 6 months and I am able to see visible progress in my shape. I consider this a big success, especially because of the hectic work life I have. One thing Mathan has always stressed and also something that I have tried to inculcate: The fitness journey that Im going through shouldn't be a crash course, but something that I can follow for the rest of my life. Mathan is very easy to work with and I really look forward to continuing my training with him.

Rakshitha S
13 Nov 2023

Mathan is a knowledgeable coach who answered all queries during the fitness training period. With his Continuous support and guidance led me to lose 7kgs by maintaining a proper diet with the right intake of proteins, fiber, and everything else. This has really motivated me to buy another 12-week plan.

Rajesh Pandian
11 Nov 2023

Mathan is an inspiring coach. I was able to drop 14 pounds in 2 months and he is inspiring me to drop a few more pounds. His little details about how the body works and how nutrition works makes a huge difference. I'll recommend him to anybody.

Pramod Sudhakar
10 Nov 2023

Mathan is the best. Very knowledgeable and encouraging.I was very skeptical about the diet plan he assigned to me at first. But when I started following it religiously miracles happened. I dropped from 164 pounds to 149 pounds and reduced 6 inches from my waist in 13 weeks. looking forward to continue my fitness journey with him