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Manish Prasad


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Hi, I'm Manish Prasad, pursuing Physiotherapy (BPT), I am certified by Institute of Nutritional And Fitness Sciences at Expert level, a boxer and a Powerlifter I believe transformation isn't just about transforming physically, but it's a balance of mental and physical health I believe in making diet and exercise enjoyable & easy so that people can make it their lifestyle I have always been an obese person for 18 years of my life, I know the struggles you are currently facing, started my journey when I was prediabetic at 120kg and lost 40kg, and now competing in powerlifting My knowledge from Physiotherapy & INFS helps me in getting in-depth of your problems and make plans according to it be it nutrition, training or anything else so that you follow them even in your busy lifestyle I specialise in Fat-loss, Strength & Conditioning, Muscle building, and as well as general well being and have been helping people transform with busy lifestyle & physical disabilities I had myself suffered from a back injury and ACL tear and got back again, therefore don't let those injuries stop you So let me help you Transform into a better and stronger self My goal, will not be just giving out plans, but also of educating and giving/providing you the knowledge and making you strong every day & motivating you every day So that you can keep moving forward in your whole life Now if you wanna start your journey backed by science and evidence-based nutrition then why wait for tomorrow act now as tomorrow never comes Now let's start with your journey, if I can do it then you can too...." For any query you can contact me on: +91 7877231693 Different time zones won't be a problem as I have experience of handling mentees from all the time zones ....... Show more

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