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12 Feb 2024

Manish has been my fitness coach for 2 months now. I have been overweight for about 10 years prior to this. And I have tried a bunch of things on my own but I was never able to prioritise health over work, I did not find any workout routine that I enjoyed enough or any diet that was sustainable. This is the first time, when I have found something that’s working for me. I love going to the gym, and the diet is easy to follow. Thanks to Manish’s guidance and constant checkins 😇 I have started to see changes in my body - not just in energy levels and strength but also visually. This body transformation is hard work, but I am truly enjoying the process of getting fit. Manish is a wonderful partner in the process! 😊

Vibhor Aggarwal
25 Jan 2024

Big thanks to you Manish for being a total game-changer on my fitness grind. Your expertise and guidance is epic, and I'm stoked to have you leading the way!

Yashika Nagpal
25 Jan 2024

A quick shout-out to you Manish, for being such an awesome guide on my fitness journey. Your support and expertise have made a real difference. Grateful to have you as my coach! Looking forward to making strides in my fitness journey with you!

Cini Daniel
17 Jan 2024

I signed up with Manish for a six months trial as I was not sure much about FITTR and the training programs that I was signing up for. Embarking into the program with a skeptical mind but quickly in a few weeks I began to enjoy the workouts that were assigned to me every week. Tracking my calories was new education for me. I struggled a bit in the beginning but then it became effortless once I realized the best way to curtail my diet around my calorie targets. One of the offerings on this plan that I appreciate the most is the weekly accountability call with Manish. I started setting a goal for myself to keep my weight in control for the weekly calls and that forces me to stay on track with my diet and workouts. Within the last six months I have attained a physique that I had not attained from going to a gym for several years or doing whatever that I was doing to loose body fat percentage. Manish is a great coach whom I highly recommend!