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25 Apr 2023

Manish is an excellent coach. I enjoy working with him and have really appreciated him tailoring his approach to suit my needs. I looked up this app after a friend recommended it and it didn’t take me long to sign up with Manish. It was going to be a low risk trial anyways. What followed, far exceeded my expectations. I am learning to trust the plan that Manish has created, and I am also learning to keep at it consistently. I am learning to choose consistency over perfection. While my results aren’t as impressive as other people’s results, the changes I am making feel sustainable in the long term. I am immensely grateful to Manish for his encouragement. He is super responsive, flexible and supportive. Thank you Manish!

Meenakshi Singh
24 Apr 2023

Dear sir true respect for you from bottom of my heart. You are wonderful coach with all the qualities which we need.Discipline,motivation and strictness a fine balance of these qualities. It’s not even mid journey but my believe on you is saying that this will end in a fantastic way. HUM HONGE KAMYAB ek din..

Anand Jha
19 Apr 2023

While I wanted to be a fitter version of myself, I was confused and concerned about which platform or option to choose from. Had lot of conversations around different tools and platforms. Some of them suggested Fittr on which I started some research. Found it promising and at that very moment I joined Fittr. Later, was the task to find a coach. After some digging, I went with Manish Padia. Before I start my journey, I wanted to ensure that my life partner also get along and so I convinced her to join the journey with me. We both agreed and started the journey in December 2022. When I had first call with Manish, it was amazing. The motivation, politeness and explanation of every details to the question I asked, it was all so well that I felt having new level of energy in us. So I have started the journey as given which included diet and workout. Manish kept me motivated through out. His knowledge for nutrition, his expertise and support have been invaluable for me. Then TC 18 came and me and my spouse decided not to join as we had recently joined the fitter but Manish motivated us to join and so we did. Today (in last week of the challenge), we are thinking that we could have regretted if haven’t joined the TC 18. This challenge in itself gave us next level of motivation. I have completed my journey of 4 months so far and result is so much visible that everyone around praises and asks like how you did that? I have reduced almost 10 KG in 4 months journey which is unbelievable. But it is not about weight but the feeling and confidence that I have now was never before in last 15 years or so. I feel like a different version of myself altogether. All of this was possible just because of Manish. Thank you coach for wonderful guidance and support. You always made me feel worth more than what I am capable of and what I can do which helped me keep myself moving. Manish truly helped me to see what I can be rather that what I am. Thank you once again Manish.

28 Mar 2023

Like everyone else, I too had my share of doubts and myths related to weight loss. But when I started my fitness journey with Manish every myth began to burst. I have lost more than 12kgs in the last 6 months and it is all because of him. There were ups and downs in the journey but he kept motivating me to move forward. It has been a phenomenal journey so far thanks Manish for all your guidance and support.