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Nesta certified in lifestyle weight managment Infs certified fitness and nutrition expert Shaw acadamy certified in advanced principle of nutrition and exercise. Shaw Academy certified in ultimate body transformation program.






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07 Apr 2023

Manish sir is an exceptional mentor . I have enrolled for 24weeks transformation program. I liked his approach to addressing my expectations and providing proper guidance with exercises and food. The best part is that he is always available, I workout in early morning around 4:30-5am , everyday I send him my workout videos and at yes at 5am I do get his motivational reply 😊. I send him my diet pics and he responds to all of them. I have been under other trainers before like 12weeks under 1 and 20weeks under 2nd but lost only 5kgs in total 32weeks; was very demotivated . But again since I wanted to transform so I called Manish sir before enrolling , he discussed with me all my queries, I also have disc herniation, GERD and high Uric acid issues but he motivated me and assured me that yes we can do it so I have enrolled under him for 24weeks , it has been almost 1 month and I have lost 2.5kgs . His diet and workout plans are excellent and he will make you understand with proper knowledge why he has given it to you. It’s still a long journey and I know with your guidance, support and my commitment the dream will come true .

Pragya Saraswat
22 Mar 2023

Manish has been wonderful coach, mentor and a good friend. I'm thankful for all the efforts he has put in me during my transformation which is still going on. He helped me to get back on workout after an injury and made customised workout accordingly. Most of all he never gives up and keeps encouraging me for to achieve my goals which I believe will soon achieve with his help. Thank you Manish.

Krishna Prasad Sharma
13 Feb 2023

I have been trying to loose weight ever since 2010...had a stint of many nutritionists but failed miserably. finally I Manish sir..he is not only a great nutritionist but a great mentor and motivator...he inspired me to enjoy the journey and trust the process. in my 47 days of journey so far I have lost 10kgs and I'm not going ro stop here this time. he clears our doubt in very simple ways. Manish sir is nothing but a blessing to me....I highly recommend Manish sir to all my connects

Ruhee Sharma
12 Feb 2023

Manish sir is the best decision we made for our families weighloss journey .Im on my midway transformation and must tell you that sir you have really being patient with us.We are loosing weight and enjoying the lifestyle that we are leading now. The way sir has planned our diet ,we enjoy the diet each and every day.Manish sir is always ready to answer our queries patiently. I recommend manish kaushik sir to all of you.He is full of knowledge and a very supportive and motivating person. Sir I wish you many many best wishes . Already lost 4 kgs in one month and inches too My daughter is really doing good within one week she lost 4 inches overall and 3 kgs weighloss my husband has lost 11 kgs in one month and some few days