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26 Dec 2023

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the great training sessions you're providing . Your expertise and knowledge of the subject matter has been invaluable in helping me to understand and apply what I've learned. Your enthusiasm and positive attitude have also made the experience enjoyable and engaging.

20 Dec 2023

Mani has always provided great training sessions. His expertise and knowledge is invaluable. His enthusiasm and positive attitude have also made the experience enjoyable and engaging. He is a fabulous coach and I am looking forward to continue my training with him.

22 Oct 2023

Mani is absolutely a great coach. It's been only a month I have been training under him and looking forward to have many more sessions with him. he always brings new exercise to makes the session fun and not boring at all. Every single morning I look forward to have a session with him. I love his passion and dedication towards his clients. He is very punctual which I truly appreciate about him. He is also very polite and always very helpful. He will always have a plan B ready if Plan A doesn't work out for you. 5 star trainer! Would highly recommend!! 😊

Kanchan Phutane
22 Sep 2023

Mani Sir is really good with Strength training, and I look forward to train with him everyday. He is very accommodating with the timings. He is good with his plan when it comes to weights make sure the basics are understood correctly so there is no problem in the future. He knows what is my capacity with weights is and goes gradually with the process of increasing weights. This is my first month with him and I have renewed my membership now already for the next three months since I am very satisfied.. Looking forward to a new person with good strength and toned body with the help of Sir’s trainings