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Mandeep Kaur
28 May 2023

From hardly 1k steps a day to my first 10k steps in a day, it has been an easy 12 week journey with my accountability partner, Manasi. When I talked with her for the first time, I instantly knew that she is my person- fun yet strict. She thinks empathetically and plans accordingly. One of the best things was 'No fancy' food items in the list. She believes and taught that ghar ka khana can do wonders (when quantified). Manasi has always been available for any queries, doubts, reminders, weekend motivations, or handholding 🙈. The check-in calls were super helpful and informative. She is very patient to explain the minute details and logic behind nutrition or workout. Definitely, I'm really glad to have worked with her. P.S.: I have re-enrolled with her in continuation for another 12 weeks.

Tulsi Thakur
21 Apr 2023

Thank you My Guru Mansi. I really appreciate your guidance and motivation you kept on giving through out my course. The last 2.5 months went so fast and I am happy with the result. Loosing around 10kg in a couple of month is something not less than a best dream for me. I am looking forward to join next season as soon I return back to Dhaka.🤞 you are a best coach and mentor ever and my best wishes for you. 🥰 Thank you! Rgds / Tusli

Aishwarya Kale
09 Apr 2023

Very few people are skilled enough to give you the right advice and Manasi is one of them. As a coach , she not only helped me start my journey but also made me understand the minute details about how it works for you what is important to keep it sustainable. She was always available for any queries i had and made sure they were cleared on time. She kept the plan simple and easy to follow. Special mention for the recipes she shared with me which were easy peasy to cook. Thank you Manasi for being so wonderful throughout the program. Definitely enjoyed this one.

प्रतीक्षा अभिषेक
26 Feb 2023

she is a great human being and a very good friend, who is knowledgeable nutrition expert under her mentoring and it feels great to be associated with her. she motivates me every day to achieve perfection and gather all knowledge on nutrition science. besides just being a wellness coach she is very friendly and caring. I am happy to chose her as my mentor. journey is still on and so is the grind but mentor like her would definitely help in achieving sustainable targets. thumbs up 😚