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21 Sep 2023

Its my first investment on my health and fitness, and it turned out to be one of the best decision i have taken . My mentor/coach -Manas has guided me very well and kept an eye on my daily progress. The diet plan and workout schedules prepared by him, has enabled me to come closer to my target in my 1st phase. I have never felt this much active and energetic from quite a long time. Covid had generated lot of extra weight overall in my body, which i was able to cut down a few in a span of 1.5months. Best part of this entire journey has been the consistency i was able to manage. And this was done due to Manas’s proactively monitoring my progress. He made sure to make chages and modifications whenever required, depending upon my lifestyle and small baby around me. I will definetly enroll again in future for my long term fitness and goal target achievements.

21 Sep 2023

When I started this journey with Manas sir, I did not think that I would be successful in it but Manas Sir helped me.Not only did he give me that believe but he also gave me confidence in me.Manas sir is very polite and talks very well. It was because of his words that I got the feeling that yes I can do it again.I am a powerlifter and in these 2 months with Manas Sir I have lost about 8 kg weight and have retained my muscle mass thanks to the diet and workout designed by Manas Sir..dieting would be so easy Maybe if I didn't have him I wouldn't even know this And if I continue this in future, I would like to continue only with Manas sir.. he is the best..

Dolly Chauhan
16 Sep 2023

It has been great learning and training with him. First of all, I found it a very scientific approach towards fat loss and gaining fitness despite my incessant attempts to go for 'quick results tactics. To add to that he set my diet plan so beautifully, keeping in mind my routine that it did not feel that I had to make drastic changes. As expected, the outcome was very satisfying. I feel excited to complete my steps or do the workout. The way he counsels, suggests, painstakingly addresses the silliest issues, journey becomes seamless. Thankyou for all your efforts.

Mukul Chakraborty
15 Sep 2023

Patience and perseverance is what you will learn from Manas. I travel almost 25 days in a month and the way Manas has handled my food and trainings is excellent. He will keep you on your toes and follow up for every task assigned. After a long tiring travel day you feel like going to bed and rest but only to compliment efforts from manas I went for a run or gym or some activity. Thats how he keeps you motivated.