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18 May 2023

Manas is an amazing coach. Constantly prioritizes my requirement to maintain a balance lifestyle in terms of activity and nutrition. He is well versed with transitioning into a new/refined lifestyle. Talked about understanding the importance of sustainable diet and activity has helped me a lot in this journey of getting back my body. So,i would recommend those who wants to change their life in a healthy and sustainable way, to change it with Manas!

Ankit Agarwal
12 May 2023

I was very skeptical when I started my fitness journey with Manas whether I would be able to get the benefit of it or not as I was little inconsistent towards health goals. But he understood my requirements and planned a workout and diet for me accordingly and motivated me all the time. He made more efforts than me in my health journey in keeping me on the track. The way he discusses the issues seems more friendly (bro) than professional. At the time of renewing the plan, there was no second thought other than going with him. I hope that I will be able to get more of his guidance. For me it was 10 out of 10 for his efforts till now.

Sheeba Alphonsa
25 Apr 2023

It’s been a great experience with Manas, he is very accommodating & gives right choices of foods, he was one of kind who constantly follow up with me and guide me throughout the program. Unfortunately I am stopping now due to health issues otherwise he is the best coach I can ever have. Thank you Manas. If Incase I join back I will choose you as my coach. Best wishes to you.

Nilesh Awate
06 Apr 2023

I was confused when I started my health journey my own. Then I got to know Manas in the gym. I didn’t know that he’s a professional nutritionist and trainer. We started discussing a lot on planning workouts and diet. Then I asked how do you know so much detail then revealed that he’s a professional trainer on fittr. Then I formally registered with him as a client and continued my fitness journey with him. He understands the requirements, daily routine, lifestyle and goal of individual and then prepares a plan accordingly. He explains it very well goes in details and tells purpose and reasoning of everything that he prescribes. I personally benefitted a lot during my program with him.