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Munish Bansal
20 Feb 2024

Hello everyone, I want to share my incredible journey towards better health and fitness. I'm Munish Bansal, 39 years old, and like many, I was struggling with hypertension and weight gain due to poor diet habits and a sedentary job. Three months ago, I had the fortune of meeting FITTR Coach Shri Mahendra Jain ji, whose guidance and expertise have transformed my life. With his personalized exercise routines and dietary advice, I've experienced a remarkable improvement in my health. I am delighted to share that my blood pressure is now normal without the need for medication. Additionally, I've lost significant weight, going from 73.5 kg to 65.7 kg, and achieved a flat tummy. This transformation has not only improved my physical health but also rejuvenated me mentally and emotionally. At 39, I feel as energetic and vibrant as I did at 19. I want to extend my heartfelt gratitude to Fitter for their unwavering support and guidance throughout this journey. Thank you for helping me rediscover my health and vitality.

Niranjan Chouhan
21 Jan 2024

Sharing my thoughts and experiences in mid journey of Fittr. First of all I would like to thanks my Fittr coach Mahendar Ji. I really appreciate his knowledge and guidance on my weight loss journey. When I joined, I thought it isn’t possible to loss weight very easily. But when I started follow guidance of Mahendar Ji, impossible became possible. He explained me whole flow of diets/nutrition/ exercise etc very well. I would like to thanks again Mahendar ji for continuous support, guidance and your exceptional knowledge.

Sudha C
20 Dec 2023

A truly exceptional coach not only demonstrates the path to your goals but also fosters the belief that you have the capability to attain them. This wonderful soul consistently motivates and educates with insightful daily posts that keep me inspired. Grateful for the invaluable guidance Mahender Jain πŸ™

13 Oct 2023

Mahendar ji, my fitness coach on the Fittr app, has been a game-changer for me. His guidance is spot-on, and he keeps me motivated and on track. I highly recommend him for anyone seeking personalized fitness support. Thanks to Mahendar ji, my fitness journey has been a success!