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14 Sep 2023

I'm truly grateful for my coach, Mahender Jain. He embodies the qualities of calmness, politeness, and unwavering support in helping me achieve my fitness goals. His consistent motivation during our interactions, whether it's a call or a chat, is truly inspiring. Mahender is always quick to address any doubts or questions I have, and he takes the time to provide clear explanations of the scientific and technical aspects behind his guidance. What sets Mahender apart is his expertise in crafting personalized diet plans and exercise routines that align with my preferences and dislikes, making my fitness journey enjoyable and fulfilling.

Dholly Bothra
23 Aug 2023

If i have been consistent in diet, workout or for the matter being active the entire day it is because of the wonderful coach Mahendar Jain. I have earlier enrolled under different coaches who would get on a call once a fortnight, give plans and few would expect us to update by EOD, but Mahendar Jain is very different as the level of engagement he shows is very personal by understanding our needs and i feel most of us expect this kind of engagement and join under a mentor.. His everyday messages are very unique for a layman with immense  knowledge in it.. He doesn't focus on weight loss alone but focuses on lifestyle changes and best is he is just a message away in case of any assistance needed irrespective of any day.

22 Aug 2023

One of the best decision of my life is to enrol under my Fittr Coach.Thumps up for my Fittr coach, Mr. Mahendar Jain, I want to express my gratitude for his guidance and support in helping me move positively on my goals of inches and fat loss(and not weight loss as he taught me :D) with the an appropriate diet and easy to follow home workout plans. I really appreciate his adaptable and flexible coaching style with his depth of fitness knowledge, motivation,timely scheduled calls and personalized approach. Daily i wait for Motivational messages and ones backed up with science from him. He always listens, gives time to understand, plans very well, super patient n cool. Lifeestyle changes is something i was looking for and now it seems to be a routine. Long way to go along with him :) thanks a tonn Coach 🙏

Raval Seema
17 Aug 2023

I am fortunate to have Mahendar Jain as my coach; his wealth of knowledge is truly impressive. Overcoming previous struggles with weight loss due to thyroid issues, I am successfully shedding those extra pounds. His guidance and support play a pivotal role in helping me achieve my weight loss goals as I continue on this transformative journey.