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08 Feb 2023

It can't be better than this. Madhu ji is so knowledgeable and has a lot of experience. She can teach you anything you want in Yoga. But she taught us from scratch as it was our first time learning Yoga and made us understand the benefit of each posture . Due to time constraints in our personal life, we have to stop our classes, but we will soon re join her only once our situation is favourable. Thank you Madhu ji for making our learn Yoga.

Pallavi Bora
24 Sep 2022

I have chronic migraine issue. That’s why my friend recommended me to Madhu. She truly gifted and intuitive teacher. With every session I could see the difference in my physical and mental health. She knows what my body needs and guides me to be at better place. She altered the session keeping my health in mind and also encouraged me to push my limit on my good days. Each time when we try new aasana or mudra she always explains the benefit and purpose behind it. It not only helped me understand the concept better but also at the same time was able to enjoy it as well. One of the examples I want to mention is Shambhavi mudra. It helped to reduce my migraine frequency. Thank you Madhu; I am inspired by your motivation, your positive approach, your compassion, your way of teaching and for making each class unique.

24 Sep 2022

Madhu is knowledgeable coach who really listens to your problems and needs. She makes me understand the importance of aasana and incrementally gets me to final pose. She’s great asset to FITTR community!

Deepal Madalani
07 Sep 2022

I have had lingering knee pain after recovering from COVID, Madhuji came highly recommended from a friend with similar knee and back issues. I was already active in the gym and soccer field, but for recovery I resorted to Yoga and It’s been more rewarding than I expected. Madhuji is one of the best Yoga coaches I’ve come across. She is very accommodating in tailoring the workout keeping my sensitive knee in mind and gradually introducing me to advanced yoga. I never knew my body was so flexible. I initially thought I would do it for a month but I am now hooked to yoga. Thank you Madhuji!