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Strength and Conditioning
Pre & Post Natal Training
Harita T
10 Apr 2024

I started to work with Lavanya 6 months ago and I've been very happy with my choice. She is great at understanding and identifying my goals, strengths, and improvement areas. She adjusts the workout based on the needs and corrects the forms appropriately. Steadily, I can identify the improvement in the fitness overall noticeably. She explains patiently the small changes that need to be done to see finer improvement. She is a great coach and I highly recommend her.

07 Mar 2024

I worked out with Lavanya for 3 months. She has been a great trainer, punctual, with concise and clear instructions on workouts, muscle groups being worked at and most importantly on form, which was my primary goal; and she helped me get over that hump very patiently and with lot of positive motivation. Due to personal schedules I unfortunately had to decide not to renew, but I would love to keep working out with her, hopefully sometime in near future!

Lakshmi A
22 Oct 2023

signed up with lavanya for a month now. she was so patient and understanding Helped me understand my body and its limitations better and planned my workout accordingly. was so patient clarifying all my queries and guiding me through my journey towards healthy life style.

18 Jul 2023

I enrolled with Lavanya for 3 months and can definitely say she is one of the best trainers out there. She took time to understand my goals and we started to work on the training. I absolutely loved working with her and she has always encouraged me as a coach and friend. It’s a shame I was unable to extend my program due to work commitments but will re enroll at any chance I get.