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Nitin Dhawan
17 Jan 2023

Great coach Positive result in short span Completely dedicated Fully satisfied Let’s continue the Journey

Saikat Chowdhury
01 Dec 2022

One good decision I took that is join under Lalit's guidance. He is very committed and knowledage in his field. Because of his guidence I have reduced 7Kgs, previously i was 80.2kgs now 73Kgs. I want to give a big Thanks to Lalit for his support and guidence.

Shiv Kourav
14 Aug 2022

It was very wonderful and game changer decision for us to subscribe to fitter under Lalit. It has been only 3 month so far but we have started the journey of changing mindset , habits and attitudes. Lalit help us to believe in our self and make sure that we are not late , we can still do it. We have started by 15 may also with in 3 month I have reduced around 6kg weight. My body fat percentage gone down to 16% from 22. My energy level and sleep pattern improve a lot . Now I feel more energetic through the day with 50% of what I used to eat. One good lesson Lalit thought to us is we were over eating and that was become our habit and I was never realised when I have crossed 80kg. But last three month was game changer for me they were more then enough to change my attitude mindset and habit. This is not my transformation journey for 3,6 or 12 month rather this is the commitment that I have for entire life and this all become possible with your guidance, continue effort and believing in us Lalit . Thank you so much for your effort and support. 👍👍

Omikaurav Kaurav
14 Aug 2022

lalit is an excellent coach, great mentor and a very good friend. he is very selective when it comes to excercise and diet, his diet is very easy to follow, it's includes everything that you love to eat but in proper quantity. with his guidence and support now diet and exercise are part of our daily routine, now we have started enjoying it. thank you so much lalit for your support and guidance. fitness is not destination it's journey so we are enjoying.