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Fitness is not a T20 match, it’s a Test match. Unless you play first ball, you are unable to score 100. Also Fitness is a buffet which needs time to cook and serve. It’s not a 2-minute Maggie. Also, unless you start to learn Maggie, you can’t progress to cooking advanced dishes. So, if you are hesitant to take the first step to become fit, don’t hesitate. Just DO IT. Checkout my story at I am a fitness enthusiast who loves to eat and train hard.  I am one of those who have experienced all/most of the challenges of a fitness journey. Being an IT professional, I understand the hectic lifestyle and how to manage fitness along with it.  If you are looking for any assistance/suggestion or want to start your fitness journey, feel free to connect over chat. As every individual has different goals and expectations, I am here to help you with customized nutrition and training plans as per your requirement. I love travelling and believe in enjoying/learning through the journey as it's equally important as reaching a destination or achieving a goal. So, stop waiting for the right day, right time to start. Start now. All THE BEST... Show more


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